Hylian wizard

Hylian Wizard

Hylian Wizards are exactly what their name indicates - Hylian members of the Order of the Wizzrobe capable of using magic.

Description Edit

The creme of the Hylian crop that the Wizzrobes cultivated, these Wizards were the last remnants of the Ancient Hylian bloodlines. Amongst the Order's many Acolytes an individual with the sense of magic would be revealed and indoctrinated into the higher ranks. While not nearly as powerful as some of the Hylian Mages recorded in legends, these modern incarnations can still wreak havoc with their ability to manipulate light.

Role Edit

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Magic Instantly kills hit enemies
Police Can maintain public order in stationed city
Melee Weaponry Becomes Infantry when in melee

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