Hyrule Conquest is a Real-Time-Strategy mod for 0 A.D., created by Chasen Lindsey. Announced in July 2017, it is the successor of Hyrule: Total War, moving from the Medieval 2 Total War engine to 0 A.D's Pyrogenesis engine.



The following factions are part of the vanilla Hyrule Conquest mod:

The following factions are part of the Great Sea expansion:

The following factions are part of the Termina expansion:

The following factions are part of the Shadows of Hyrule expansion:


The following factions are part of the vanilla Hyrule Conquest mod:

The following factions are part of the Great Sea expansion:

The following factions are part of the Termina expansion:

The following factions are part of the Realm of Twilight expansion:


Expansions Edit

Hyrule Conquest will have five expansions that focus on other locations and other time periods in the world of Hyrule.

Great SeaEdit

Great Sea is the first of four expansions, focusing on content from the games in the Adult Timeline in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Characters and empires from those games have been fleshed out and incorporated into the greater lore and mythos of Hyrule. Players will get to play as their favourite characters from these games and lead both armies and navies against each other in the Great Sea setting.

Great Sea is set after all the events of the main game, during the explorations to the northern Great Sea, conducted by New Hyrule and the Korok Colonists after the Great Flood left the continent in ruins.


The second expansion, Termina, will take place in the world of Termina, and is set an indeterminate amount of time after Great Sea. Termina: Total War will be focusing on content from the Child Timeline of the games in Legend of Zelda series, including Majora's Mask, the Dark World of A Link to the Past, and A Link Between Worlds. After his death, Link find himself in the twisted afterlife of Termina, only to find Majora's up to something new.


Set in the Realm of Twilight, The events of Twilight stretch from before the Twili Civil War until after the events of the main game and Great Sea. Twilight is largely based on original content not seen in the Legend of Zelda series.

Gods of HyruleEdit

A prequel, Gods of Hyrule tells of the events occurring in the infancy of Hyrule, when Sages and Druthulidi battled for supremacy until the extinction of the Trilith and the betrayal of Sulkaris. Gods of Hyrule is largely based on original content not seen in the Legend of Zelda series.

Unlike the three older expansions, Gods of Hyrule is standalone from the main game.

Fifth expansionEdit

Currently unnamed, the fifth expansion is a distant sequel, set milllennia after the events of Great Sea. By this time Hyrule has been long gone, and the ancient spirit Aunomouzan is trying to malevolently erase all evidence of it and alter the entire history of the world to proclaim himself the creator and rightful leader.

Plot Edit

Main article: Hyrule Historia

Ancient Age Edit

The storyline of Hyrule: Total War starts in 5000 BG. The Sage Sulkaris, many millennia after being banished from the Sacred Realm for coveting the divine Triforce, stumbled upon the Gohma, who are still wandering the land of Hyrule aimlessly as she was after the destruction of their creator, Iemanis. Sulkaris gives the beasts untold knowledge and power, and in return they become her personal army. Under the command of Sulkaris, the Gohma engages on a genocidal war across Hyrule, eating everything in their path.

The Ancient Hylians and their ruler King Gustaf rise to oppose Sulkaris. They ally with the Gohma's ancient enemies, the Huskus, and with their help destroy the Gohma swarm. Sulkaris duels with King Gustaf and manages to disarm him, but as she prepares for the kill Gustaf grabs a bow and arrow from a fallen soldier and fires an arrow imbued with holy power, killing the Fallen Sage.

With the death of Sulkaris, the Gohma retreat to their homelands to the northwestern Misery Mire. The Kingdom of Hyrule is founded, and make many allies including the Zora Dominion and the Wind Tribe. The remaining Sages, meanwhile, catch wind of this disaster and deem it wise that after a given time a Sage must choose a successor to inherit their powers and abilities. The Sages choose the Huskus Palagard to assume Sulkaris' place, and they eventually pass their powers onto successors as well: Solahrasin to the Hylian wizard Sahasrahla; Maphaeus to Dakkon, ruler of the Volvagians; Malkorbagia to the Oshunite Jabun, founder of the Zora Dominion; Evaleen to an unknown figure; and Kovaloo to the Darknut Yaraxonal. The new Sage Dakkon quickly takes advantage of his new powers to conquer Death Mountain. The Gorons are enslaved by the Volvagians, while the Lizalfos choose to serve under their Volvagian overlords as enforcers and soldiers.

Eight years later, the ancient Druthulidi Vaati, a survivor of the primordial war between the Druthulidi and the Golden Goddesses, awakes from its slumber and possesses the tiny Minish sorcerer Vaati from whom he takes the name, and sets out to expand his powers so that he may manipulate the word at large. Displaying his powers to the Darknut warrior Zalunbar and promising to make him a deity, Vaati makes Zalunbar his servant, helps him unite the Darknut people and found the Darknut Legion. Zalunbar becomes King of the Darknuts and appoints the new Sage Yaraxonal as his adviser, but the real power lies with Vaati, who would never make himself known to the Darknut people to give the illusion that Zalunbar was indeed their all powerful ruler.

When Yaraxonal discovers Vaati and Zalunbar's plan to invade the Wind Tribe and steal the Triforce, she attempts to put a stop to them. However, with the help of her husband Senturon, they are able to seal her under Ontheon so that they could use her powers to claim Godship over the Legion. Vaati is able to assume power over the winds while Zalunbar gains her ability to cease ageing.

Zalunbar then sends Senturon and a Darknut army alongside Vaati in a crusade against the Wind Tribe, nearly destroying their race. On the brink of extinction, the Wind Tribe decide to ascend to the Heavens with their powers and leave Hyrule forever. At the Tarm Ruins, with the help the Ancient Hylians, the Darknuts are halted long enough for Siroc and the last of the Wind Tribe to escape. Senturon, enraged at how his people were used like pawns by Vaati, turns against him, but Vaati easily and brutally murders him, then leaves with the rest of the Darknuts.

Not long after Vaati's departure, Senturon is resurrected by the Fairies of Tarm. The Darknuts are furious with their loss, but Vaati is unfazed and simply begins to seek alternate sources of power, avoiding the Hylians for fear of making an enemy of them.

A few years after the Wind Tribe's exodus from Hyrule, King Gustaf is believed to have died childless and without an heir. Meanwhile, the Druthulidi Majora comes to the Kingdom of Ikana to the south and convinces its ruler Igos du Ikana that the military officer Keeta is conspiring with the Garo to assassinate him and take the throne, while his daughter Gomess plans on letting Keeta remove him so she could take the Kingdom. Igos initially laughs Majora off, thinking it to be joking. Majora, meanwhile, simultaneously brings Keeta and the Garo Master together against Igos and promises Gomess powers over nature if she'd overthrow her father.

In spite of his initial disbelief, Igos' paranoia grows ever greater. When Majora tells him Keeta's going to assassinate him the next day, Igos readily accepts Majora's offer to worship itself in lieu of the Goddesses so Majora would lend him an army of its spawn against Keeta and Gomess.

With the help of Majora's spawn, Igos' forces managed to crush Keeta's and Gomess', but after three days of constant fighting, the capital of Ikana was in utter ruin. Igos, devastated to see his empire falling apart before his very eyes, cursed the Goddesses for betraying him and his loyalty. At this point Majora absorbed the entire Kingdom of Ikana into the twisted parallel realm of Termina, though both the Ikanians themselves and the rest of Hyrule never know about this; it is mistakenly believed that this was divine punishment for Ikana's apostasy.

The third Druthulidi, Demise, emerges from the earth and presents itself to the Moblins of the southwest, soon becoming worshipped by them. After expanding their empire and amassing an army, Demise begins a campaign of conquest against the Ancient Hylians. Entire armies fall to the hordes of Moblins.

Desperate from failure against this horde, the Ancient Hylians empower a young Hylian, then known as Hylia, with dangerous abilities. With her new powers, Hylia easily holds the Moblins at bay. Hylia's miraculous abilities earns her the love of many, so the Hylian people decide to crown her their Queen, and eventually worship her over the Goddesses themselves. Such notions go to her head however and she starts to believe she's a Goddess. To consolidate her legitimacy, Hylia has the children of King Gustaf hunted down and erased from history - the Hylians would come to know the founder of the Kingdom as a celibate, childless man, except for his descendants who survive the purge.

Hylia believes that the best way to stop Demise was to cut him off from his followers in a remorseless extermination. When her armies reach the Old Moblin Kingdom, Hylia orders them to seek out and kill every single Moblin they can find: man, woman, and child. Demise attempts to repel the Hylians and engaged in battle with Hylia, but eventually she overpowers him and incinerates the Moblin city with holy fire, killing countless Moblin citizens.

Demise emerges from the smouldering ruins of the city, claiming that she had done far more damage against the Goddesses then he ever did by warping the Hylians into her own personal cadre of worshippers, before retreating from Hyrule. Ashamed of her horrible actions and the pride that went to her head, Hylia withdraws from her followers into hiding.

Without the leadership of Demise, the Moblin empire collapses and becomes a barbarian confederacy again, while Hylia seeks asylum among the Order of the Wizzrobe, who readily accept her and help her erase all records of her from history.

Though having disappeared from the annals of history, her crimes would not be forgotten: Hylian and Moblin would be bitter enemies for millennia. The Kingdom of Hyrule would go on to dominate the land with an iron fist, forcing those not of their creed to follow the royal family and crown.

Rise of GanonEdit

Forty-nine centuries after Hylia's disappearance, a Moblin boy named Ganon is orphaned when his mother is killed defending their family from a roving band of Hylian knights hunting Moblins for sport in their lands. With her last words, Ganon's mother tells him that the Hylians are barbaric monsters who don't know any better than slaughter.

Meanwhile, Demise returns to Hyrule and plans to continue his plan for world domination. Instead of a direct approach, Demise plans on using the source of Hylia's power, the Triforce, to destroy those that oppose him. He chooses the orphan Ganon to be his champion and trains him to be a powerful general and warrior.

When Ganon grows up, he becomes the first Blin leader in five millennia to unite the warring tribes into one powerful state. He gathers the leaders of the Blin races and forms a plan to destroy the Hylians, by capturing Princess Nylin Zelda I, daughter of King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule and forcing her to reveal the location of the Triforce.

Ganon succeeds in capturing Zelda and occupying two Hylian towns, Lon Lon Ranch and Kakariko, but Zelda remains silent on the Triforce's location. Fortunately for him, a renegade Sheikah called Bongo agrees to help him discover the location of the Triforce from the Princess, if he helps her confront the source of her nightmares in the Shadow Temple.

It is discovered by Ganon and Bongo that a Druthulidi named Dethl has infiltrated the Shadow Temple for an unknown period of time and haunted dreams of its prisoners. Dethl was able to extract the horrific thoughts and nightmares of these criminal Sheikah and manifest them within the temple, twisting the prisoners into hideous creatures over time and creating the ReDeads: zombie-like monsters that continually died and came back to life. Dethl was able to feed on the Shadow Temple's population for a significant period of time, but eventually desires a fresh source of nourishment and thus begins haunting Bongo's dreams.

Dethl is taken by surprise by the army that Ganon brings with him into the Shadow Temple. Dethl attempts to stop Ganon's army with hordes of ReDead and other twisted denizens of the haunted prison, but Ganon's army is able to fight their way through and injure Dethl. Before Ganon and Bongo are able to leave the Shadow Temple, Dethl slips into Bongo's mind and escapes, creating the Eye of Truth - an artefact with the ability to read the truth and control people.

With the help of Bongo's Eye of Truth, Ganon discovers the location of the Triforce: under the King's throne in Hyrule Castle. Bongo advises him to seek allies in the Gerudo Desert, as Hyrule Castle is the most fortified location in the kingdom. Ganon first attempts to parlay with the Gerudo Circle of Warlords, who, in their pride, reject his offers; in return, Ganon curses them by poisoning the oases in the desert, preventing male Gerudo from being born.

Following Bongo's advice, Ganon then leads an army further west to the Gerudo Cliffs, land of the Darknut Legion and the Zuna, and challenges Zalunbar in a tournament, for then he'll be compelled to accept Ganon's wish that Zalunbar and his army join the Moblins in their conquest. Even though Zalunbar tries his best to avoid this by first cheating and then suddenly 'changing' his mind when Ganon defeats his army, he eventually has to submit to Ganon when Ganon mentions the Triforce to Vaati, who tells him that it was the power left behind by the Wind Tribe seeked by Zalunbar five millennia past.

The three Druthulidi masterminds of the alliance find themselves all in the same plot to chase the Triforce, all at the same time. Vaati thinks none of them could have engineered it, and begins to suspect that he and the other two were being set up by another force.

With his new allies, Ganon returns to Hyrule Castle and defeats the Hylian garrison. He enters Hyrule Castle and confronts King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule in his throne room. The King taunts Ganon and belittles the Moblins as simple monsters who only seek to destroy the world. Ganon, enraged, tosses the King away and overturns his throne, but cannot find the Triforce. With the Eye of Truth, Bongo is able to extract the Triforce's new location - the Water Temple under Lake Hylia - from the King before he dies. Realising that Ganon also wants the Triforce, and that he will contest with her once the Triforce has been found however, she decides to lie to him that the Triforce is at Spectacle Rock.

Before King Nohansen dies, Ganon allows his daughter to speak to him for a last time before having her executed as well. Unfortunately, just as he leaves the throne room and the executioner prepares to behead Zelda, Impa sneaks in, kills all the executioners and frees the Princess.

After the fall of Hyrule Castle, Vaati orders Zalunbar to retreat to the Gerudo Cliffs. While Ganon marches upon Death Mountain, conquers it from the Volvagians and turns Dakkon to his side, Princess Zelda and Impa sneak out of the burning Hyrule Castle Town towards the fortress Snowpeak. Zelda has Rauru, the son and successor of Sahasrahla, gather the surviving Hylian soldiers for a counterattack while Impa defends the fortress against a Moblin army.

Armed with a contingent of Hylian knights and loyal Sheikah, Princess Zelda assumes command and marches with all of her forces onto Death Mountain to confront King Ganon. There she discovers that the Volvagians have sided with Ganon, leaving her to plead with the Gorons and their King Darunia for their aid. Promising to free the Gorons, Princess Zelda and Darunia's armies assault the Fire Temple and Ganon's forces. Ganon sends the general Ogalon to help Dakkon defend the temple while he begins to extract th Triforce from its cradle.

Discovering the Triforce isn't there and he has been deceived by Bongo, Ganon breaks down crying, and doesn't bother to defend himself when Zelda sneaks into the temple to assassinate him. With Ganon dead, the Moblins and Volvagians flee from Death Mountain. Rauru then examines the seal at the centre of the temple and finds out that the Triforce is not present, so Zelda deduces that King Nohansen must have placed it in the care of the Zora at the Water Temple. She wonders why the Moblins and the Dark Interlopers have attacked the Fire Temple instead, until Impa notices that the traitor Bongo and her followers are not present either. Horrified, Zelda, Impa and Rauru quickly leave the temple to chase them down, never finding out about Ganon's wish: he only wanted to use the Triforce to end the 4955-year animosity between Hylians and Moblins and to bring back everyone who had to die because of it.

News of the fall of Hyrule, and the Triforce being up for grabs, spreads fast across the planet. From the west, the Twinrova sisters lead an army of Gerudo to descend upon the Water Temple; while from the east the Great Fairy Veran brings her own Fairy army as well - both against the wishes of their masters, the Gerudo Warlords and Tarm. The Sheikah quickly reach the Water Temple, only to find these two new enemies contesting with them over the Triforce, and are caught in a battle between them.

Demise, furious over Bongo's betrayal, strikes a pact with Zelda: if they wouldn't war on the Moblins further, he'll help them against Bongo. When Zelda grudgingly accepts, he teleports her, Impa and Rauru directly to the Water Temple. There they join forces with the Zora general Rutela against the interlopers.

During the battle, Bongo nearly succeeds in extracting the Triforce from its cradle, until a furious Demise interrupts her. Even though Veran later manages to distract Demise and throw him down Lake Hylia, it was too late as Bongo is immediately arrested by Impa.

Most of the Interlopers, the Fairy and the Gerudo prisoners captured in the battle are given to the Circle of Warlords and banished via the Mirror of Twilight in the Arbiter's Grounds, which is thought to be a portal to an endless void. Bongo, however, is guillotined in Kakariko and has her corpse dumped into the well in the village.

With Ganon slain and the Dark Interlopers banished, the Hylians are victorious.

First Golden AgeEdit

Hyrule ushers in a century of peace, led by the slayer of Ganon herself, and later by her daughter Princess Yanera Zelda II. Keeping her promise, Zelda crowns Darunia King of Death Mountain and makes him Sage of Fire, while the traitor Dakkon is stripped of his power.

Rauru convinces Mediator Ooccoo that keeping the Triforce in Hyrule is too dangerous and that it should be returned to the Sacred Realm as it was in ancient times. Claiming that keeping the Triforce locked away from the world would lead to a decline, Rauru proposes to create a portal that could be opened to the Sacred Realm in times of need and suggests converting the Temple of Time into such a door. The Oocca agree and work with Rauru in secret to transform the Temple of Time into a portal to the Sacred Realm. Once completed, Rauru and the Oocca create the Temple of Light inside the Sacred Realm and bring the Triforce to rest there.

In the south, the Great Deku Tree Kasuto, successor to Palagard, finishes his experiment with the Kokiri Bandits. After getting rid of the criminals that plagued the forests to the east, he takes their children under his wing and after a few generations, they become the Kokiri.

To the southwest, with Ganon defeated, Demise withdraws from his plans of conquest and spends the next decade watching over the Moblins and monitoring Hylian expansion. Demise honours his promise with Zelda, and true to their word, the Hylians move east and avoid all contact west of Ordona Province.

To the west, the Gerudo are faced with a serious gender crisis. As the result of Ganon's curse, no more Gerudo boys are born, and the male Gerudo slowly die out. However, in 73 AG, a son is unexpectedly born to the Gerudo woman Adieladorf, whom she names Ganondorf, as despite Ganon's curse he still manages to be born. The living Gerudo men, his father included, are all old at this point, and none survives long after his birth. The boy Ganondorf becomes the sole member of the Circle of Warlords, with his mother serving as regent until he's of legal age, but Adieladorf's regency doesn't last long: she mysteriously dies a few months into Ganondorf's reign. At this point, the Twinrova sisters, who were spared banishment for their involvement with the Dark Interlopers, adopt Ganondorf as their own son and become his co-regents.

The Realm of TwilightEdit

The Dark Interlopers, after being banished through the Mirror of Twilight, find themselves not in an endless void as what the Warlords thought, but in a new alien world dubbed the Realm of Twilight. Many struggle to survive and most die soon after their arrival.

Weakened from the battle at Lake Hylia and by the harsh alien landscape, Veran wanders off from the other survivors to die alone. In the wilderness, she is found by the Dark Dragon Onox, who senses that she had great and powerful magic, so he shelters her from the harsh Realm of Twilight and helps her recover from her wounds. Because of this the two develop a close and possibly romantic relationship.

With the help of the two other Great Fairy survivors, Morsheen and Una, Veran organises numerous kingdoms amongst the rest of the exiles, who now call themselves the Twili. For centuries the Fairies remain in control of the Twili, pulling the strings of each King that they placed on the throne. Morsheen establishes the Church of Majora in the Realm of Twilight, and becomes a major missionary in spreading the worship of Majora across the planet.

Eventually the Fairies' power over the Twili becomes threatened. The powerful King Mizorant, before his ascension, has made powerful allies in the Parella, a group of minions of Bellum - the original creator of the Mirror of Twilight. It is revealed they intended to head to Hyrule from the Mirror's original destination, but the Circle of Warlords' meddling disrupted the portal and left them stranded on the Realm of Twilight instead. With their help, Mizorant plans to get rid of the three Great Fairies, and then conquer Hyrule.

A short time after Mizorant's coronation, his son Zant meets the lowborn girl Midna, starts a relationship with her and gives her a room in the Palace of Twilight. Mizorant strongly disapproves of this relationship.

Midna also finds out being the Prince's fiancée isn't as exciting as she thought - Zant is an immature, sadistic, insane man-child, and often bullies her and tells her she's only mad because he always wins. When Mizorant becomes fed up with his son's behaviour, he scolds him for being an incompetent heir, introduces him to the Parella and his plan to invade Hyrule while leaving Zant behind to rule in his stead, and gives Zant an ultimatum: to continue being a child with Midna, or to become a man and a King like his father.

But Mizorant underestimated the influence the Fairies had in the Twili Empire. Quickly after being banished from the Palace, they have his armies disbanded against his will and assassinate him in the Palace of Twilight, then cast Zant aside in favour of Midna.

Being denied the throne, Zant's love for Midna is eventually replaced by envy for what his father promised him. In secret, Zant consults his father's Parella associates and forms an army from Mizorant's personal guards. Knowing that this army can't be enough to usurp the throne, Zant travels to the prison of Valran to free Lady Middee, head of the Bonemold Monks who was abandoned and imprisoned by Midna. Following Middee's advice, he then heads to Elmenzhia, the throne of Una and overcomes her army of Twili Sorceresses.

After Zant's forces take Una captive, Veran teleports in and invites him and his forces to the church of Uzu, making it clear that his army can't defeat hers there, then returns to Uzu where Morsheen and Onox await. Back at Uzu she asks Morsheen to summon Majora, and ask it to animate the Avatars of its likeness to crush Zant and his army, with the condition that Majora could reap their souls. Majora cackles at this idea and summons numerous Wrath Entities, as well as animating Avatars to destroy Zant.

Zant knowingly marches into Veran's trap, with the belief that he can overcome and subjugate her.

Despite being backed up by Majora, Onox and Veran at the end still lose to Zant, though she refuses to bend the knee for him. Zant slices her kneecap, forcing her to kneel, then tells her of his plan to return to and conquer Hyrule, at which point Veran gladly accepts to help him. Veran begins to transform Zant's men into Shadow Messengers using masks of Oorgath.

Zant, Middee and General Onox march upon the Palace of Twilight to forcibly remove Midna from the throne.

Upon his victory, Zant confronts a surprised Midna in the throne room, accusing her of casting him away after taking his birthright. Midna tells him that he could have become King by her side, but he left her alone because of envy for the throne. Furious at Midna but unable to kill her, Zant forces her to don a mask of Oorgath, turning her into an imp.

The Realm of Twilight now his, Zant provides the necessary resources for the Parella to build a new Mirror of Twilight to conquer Hyrule.

Gerudo WarsEdit

After a long 44-year rule, Princess Yanera Zelda II dies in 92 AG of old age, and her daughter Mahrala Zelda III succeeds her as the new ruler of Hyrule. Upon her ascension, her husband Agahnim is discovered to be a Sheikah, and he is condemned as a criminal for having violated the Sheikah blood pact and marrying a Hylian. Agahnim is forced to use the Eye of Truth to remove all records of his marriage with the Princess and reinstall himself into the Hylian government. Only Princess Zelda III and their young daughter Oraiya Zelda IV remember Agahnim as their husband and father. Desperately wanting his family back and upset at the Cadre for having forced him to separate from them, Agahnim starts to consort with nobody other than Majora.

With their male population all but extinct, the Gerudo begin to push into Hyrule and threaten to declare war if they were opposed. Hostilities between the Gorons and Zora Dominion begin to break out, and farms across Ordona Province are being raided by unknown forces.

Agahnim starts to put his plans with Majora into motion by approaching Vaati and Twinrova and decides to use them to get rid of the Kingdom of Hyrule so there was no real motivation or hope for Zelda to keep leading an empire, and the Sheikah who forced him and Zelda to divorce. He formulates a plan with Ganondorf: the Gerudo Prince would raid Nal Ordona, forcing Zelda to send an army to deal with them, then he would have an assassin incapacitate both Zelda and her daughter, then take over as regent, declare war on the Gerudo, letting them topple the Kingdom of Hyrule, rescue and then flee with his wife and daughter to live in hiding without anyone knowing he orchestrated the war with Majora's help.

When Ganondorf attacks Nal Ordona, Princess Zelda, instead of simply sending an army, unexpectedly arrives to investigate herself, accompanied by two of Hyrule's top generals - Kazakk and Akazoo Vapith. While Zelda is absent, using the Eye of Truth, Agahnim attempts to brainwash the Sheikah Azrily and orders her to incapacitate both Mahrala and Oraiya Zelda, then issues a formal declaration of war against the Gerudo and sides with the Zora against the Gorons. Unknown to Agahnim however, Azrily was immune to the Eye's influence, so she insteads informs Impa of Agahnim's plan and tells her to keep Oraiya safe, then heads towards Ordona to recall Zelda back to the capital, warning her of Agahnim's actions.

Returning to Hyrule Castle, Princess Zelda confronts Agahnim and attempts to arrest him, though he is able to escape with aid from Majora to Ganondorf's army stationed to the south in Hyrule Field. She then fortifies Hyrule Castle in preparation for Ganondorf's assault, while ordering Impa and Azrily to lead her daughter and the civilians to the safety at Vigjaro.

Ganondorf then marches with his armies upon the capital for an assault. His forces prove too powerful for the Hylians, and he eventually manages to corner Zelda into the castle's courtyard and forces her into a duel. Though she manages to disarm and wound Ganondorf, he eventually overpowers her with his bare hands and murders her in front of the remaining Hylian armies, ruining Agahnim's plans. With the Princess dead, General Kazaak and Rauru surrender to Ganondorf. Agahnim desperately tries to help his wife recover, but in her last moments, she denounces him, claiming that the man she used to love is dead, before dying. Hyrule Castle Town is sacked, but the Gerudo are immediately ordered by Agahnim to retreat so the Darknut Legion can occupy the city. Ganondorf is dismayed, but continues to fight the Hylians regardless, conquering town to town.

In the Kokiri Forest, the Kokiri chief Mido becomes increasingly disgruntled with the Great Deku Tree's rule. He is infatuated with Saria, a Kokiri girl much favoured by Kasuto, but she doesn't reciprocate his feelings: when he asks her if she'd want to be his Queen, she violently rebukes him and reports to Kasuto, who threatens to demote him if he'd continue his behaviour.

When he's sitting alone in the forest, Mido encounters a Gohma and the spirit of the Fallen Sage Sulkaris. Entertained by the idea of overthrowing the Great Deku Tree and ruling over the entire Kokiri Forest, Mido works with Sulkaris to set up an invasion of the Deku Tree's Grove. Sulkaris plans to incapacitate the Great Deku Tree and absorb her Sage powers from him.

The attack is unsuccessful and the Kokiri manage to hold the Gohma off, though Saria is killed during the battle, forcing Kasuto to name her as his replacement as Sage of Forests. For his treachery Mido is banished by Kasuto from the Kokiri Forest, and Mirora is ordered to replace him.

With the Gohma threat still looming on the horizon, Kasuto calls a meeting of all the peoples of the forest. Providing a bunch of Gohma exoskeletons as evidence, he asks them for aid against the invaders. The Deku Scrubs readily accept to help him after he mentions Sulkaris, and the Wolfos chief Shamnon also agrees to put aside his people's vendetta with the Kokiri to help them. However, the Lizalfos Queen Nardu the White and the Huskus Empress Tamako both decline, considering this to be no more than a stray Gohma hive.

Sulkaris then opts to outright invade the Kokiri Forest with the entirety of her Gohma forces and absorb the new Sage's powers herself. When asked who the new Sage of Forest was, Mido lies to Sulkaris and tells her that the Great Deku Tree named Mirora and not Saria the new Sage. During her invasion Sulkaris kills and absorbs Mirora, reconstructing her body and becoming alive again. She does not regain her Sage powers however, and she is swiftly broken and killed by the Great Deku Tree while Saria encases her spirit so that she could not escape. Sulkaris' entrapped spirit is then sealed away in Palagard's Sanctuary, the city of the Huskus, where Palagard keeps watch over her.

Meanwhile, with Death Mountain being threatened with a Zora invasion, Darunia plans to lure them to the Dodongo's Cavern in order to show the Dodongos of this new threat and force them into an alliance. The Zora fall into the trap, and assaults Dodongo's Cavern, but the Gorons close in and help the Dodongos defeat the Zora, before Darunia proposes an alliance to King Dodongo. King Dodongo accepts, and the two races set up a defensive network along the mountain canyons.

King Farkos eventually launches an invasion of Death Mountain in an attempt to claim the enormous rupee mine Gor Forgaru for the Zora Dominion, and plans to oversee the operation personally. However, his plans were all correctly predicted by Darunia, who, with the help of the Dodongos, stops the Zora army in its tracks. During the battle King Dodongo is slain, but Darunia is still able to confront and challenge King Farkos to a duel. Despite having to fight on foot against King Farkos and his battlecrab mount, Darunia ultimately dismounts the Zora king and crushes his skull with a hammer, bringing an end to the Zora invasion of Death Mountain. Darunia then decides to launch an invasion of the Zora Dominion in order to end their threat once and for all.

With his preparations complete, Zant starts his invasion of Hyrule, accompanied by Veran, Onox and the Parella. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by the Parella's servant Princess Sokuuf who tells them she has installed a mole in the Zora Dominion nearby, while the Parella reveals her plan with Onox: when the Twili and Parella are fighting the Zora defenders, he'll carry a bottle of poison upstream and pour into the Zora River, poisoning the main water source of Hyrule to make further invasions easier for Zant. Zant berates the Parella for not telling him of this plan earlier, while Veran reminds him to recognise when he's being used.

Meanwhile, the Zora Dominion is receiving Laruto, an ambassador from Lanayru Province, who asks for a trade agreement between the Dominion and Lanayru. Princess Ruto, daughter of King Farkos and Queen Rutela, flatly refuses, claiming that it would cause the half-breeds from Lanayru to come taint the purebloods, even though Ruto herself is a half-breed as well. However, the meeting is interrupted by Zaleen, who reports a Twili and River Zora raid.

In the caverns underneath Domain Prime, Ruto discovers General Onox swimming upstream and intercepts him, and manages to kill him with the help of Zaleen and Laruto. However, when the Zora and the Twili are occupied, the River Zora have planted numerous Sols around the capital, and with Onox dead, they abandon their Twili allies and detonate the Sols, demolishing Domain Prime. Realising he's been all but used by the Parella to return to Hyrule, Zant orders a retreat, though Veran refuses to leave without Onox. She finds his corpse on the Zora River and begins to mourn, disregarding Zant's orders, and becomes stranded on Hyrule after the Mirror of Twilight are closed.

When Darunia arrives at the Zora Dominion with his army, he only finds the smoking ruins of Domain Prime and countless Zora and Twili corpses where the Zora capital has been. Darunia tells Ruto of her father's defeat and death before turning back to Death Mountain.

With the Zora Dominion destroyed and the Gorons bunkering down, Agahnim remains in control of Hyrule for almost a year. He helps Vaati find the Triforce hidden inside Hyrule Prime, but can't breach into the Temple of Time. From Vigjaro, Rauru attempts to contact Mediator Ooccoo and asks the Oocca for help, but she states since the invaders can't breach the Temple of Time, the war is of no concern to the Oocca, and that the Hylians will reap the consequences of bringing the war onto themselves.

When the capital is occupied by the Darknuts, General Akazoo asks the eccentric girl Agitha, who proclaims herself Princess of the Insect Kingdom, to use her house as a hiding place for himself and his men. Agitha accepts on the condition he obeys her commands. Akazoo agrees but says once he marries Zelda she will have to obey him. Agitha grins, tells Akazoo that he will still have to listen to her Queen - a Gohma Queen.

During her exile, the young Princess Zelda IV formulates a plan to kill her own father, drive away the invaders and reclaim her lands. While Agahnim, along with Vaati and Onan, is watching Impa (who has allowed herself to be captured) fighting gladiator games, Zelda comes to offer him a proposal to spare both the Gerudo and Darknuts should they leave her kingdom immediately. Agahnim tells her that the war was to repair the damage the Sheikah did to their family, but Oraiya begs him to stop, telling him that he was directly responsible for Mahrala's death. When Agahnim decides that he must see the war through to the end, Oraiya proclaims that she no longer recognises her father, before Impa, Kazakk, Akazoo, the Sheikah and the Hylian garrison openly rebel against him.

Seeing that his plan has all gone downhill, his wife dead and his daughter soon to follow, Agahnim prays to Majora for one last time to grant him harbour in Termina for his service. Majora tells him that if they share his request, it shall grant it, before reminding Agahnim not to forget his mission.

With the Darknuts routed by the Sheikah and Hylians, Agahnim makes his last stand in front of Hyrule Castle's gates. He transforms into an Avatar of Majora and kills all Sheikah who try to approach him, even managing to incapacitate Impa herself. As Agahnim prepares for the kill, his daughter calls him 'Father', causing him to abandon Impa and run towards his daughter instead, giving Impa enough time to recover and stab him in the heart. Agahnim spends his last moments embracing his daughter before falling into Termina.

Without Agahnim, the Gerudo-Darknut alliance breaks. Ganondorf abandons Hyrule and returns to Hyrule, while Vaati swiftly kidnaps Princess Zelda and flees with Onan and the rest of the Darknuts back to Ontheon. Kazakk and Akazoo pursue Vaati into the Gerudo Desert.

Meanwhile, at Vigjaro, the head of the Wizzrobes, Nostrum, discovers a Hylian refugee boy doing charity in the Cathedral and attempts to bribe him with a Gold Rupee so he wouldn't do charity again. When the boy refuses, Nostrum tells him that he's passed his test, and allows him to see Hylia. In Hylia's sanctum, the boy introduces himself as Link, and, after a short interview with Hylia, is accepted by her to be her first Knight.

Link and his new partner Lana Valashi, a young Hylian girl who had just been admitted to the Order of the Wizzrobe, are given a mission to go to the Gerudo Desert and seek out Nabooru, the first wife of Ganondorf.

Nabooru starts to dream of Yaraxonal appearing to her and calling her for help, while Senturon also contacts her and requests her to ask Ganondorf for aid in freeing his wife. However, when she asks Ganondorf permission to explore Ontheon, he and Twinrova forbid her and force her to stand with them against the coming Hylians.

When the Hylians reach Ashinon, Twinrova and Ganondorf are betrayed by Nabooru, who breaks the locks to the gates of Ashinon, allowing the invaders to storm inside the city. Nabooru convinces Ganondorf to abandon the lost city, but he stubbornly refuses; just as they encounter Link and Lana sneaking inside the palace. Ganondorf prepares to kill them when Nabooru pleads to him not to. When Ganondorf doesn't listen, she puts a scimitar to his neck, holding him in place until the kids can run away. Nabooru apologises to Ganondorf before running away.

Shortly after that, the Hylian army enters the palace, captures Ganondorf and brings him over to their commander General Kazakk. Ganondorf refuses to speak with the Hylians.

Meanwhile, Link and Lana encounter Nabooru again along with Senturon, and the four of them follow the Hylian army to Ontheon, eventually finding Yaraxonal petrified under the citadel and starts to free her.

With Death Mountain's safety assured, Darunia decides it's the time for the Gorons to pay their debt with the Hylians when they were freed from slavery by Princess Zelda I a century earlier. Darunia leads his forces to follow the Hylians and catches up with them at Ontheon. Kazakk wishes he had come to their aid two years past when Hyrule Castle was attacked by Ganondorf, but Darunia reminds Kazakk to be thankful that the Gorons decided to show up at all.

Inside Ontheon, Onan reports to Vaati that he saw Agahnim growing two horns before his death. Vaati is terrified, realising that his suspicions about Majora's involvement were true after all. Majora then manifests before Vaati, laughing madly and repeatedly declaring the mindless worship of idols, Vaati himself included, will stop in Hyrule, while the horrified Vaati can do nothing but cower. Just as Majora leaves Vaati alone, the Hylians and Gorons arrive.

During the battle, Yaraxonal is freed from her prison by Link and Senturon. She bursts out, confronts Vaati and kills his Minish host.

With the help of Yaraxonal, the Hylians and the Gorons defeat the Darknuts, opening a way into the Cathedral of Ontheon where Vaati hides, having transformed back into his true, monstrous Druthulidi form. Vaati desperately convinces Yaraxonal that he's Hyrule's only chance against Majora, but the angry Sage pays him no heed and makes short work of him.

Zalunbar is then seized by Yaraxonal and put on death row. Terrified of his incoming fate, Zalunbar pleads to Yaraxonal to give her half of the Darknut Legion. Yaraxonal, on the other hand, ignores Zalunbar and laughs at his offer before throwing him off the walls of Ontheon, ending his five millennia of tyranny over the Darknut people.

The Gerudo Wars come into a close. Ganondorf is put on trial, but despite his role in the war that killed her mother and devastated her country, Princess Zelda IV decides to spare his life.

Second Golden AgeEdit

A short time after the war, Princess Zelda IV marries General Kazakk and together they have a daughter, Tetralyna Zelda V, causing General Akazoo to feel cheated and denied the glory he earned in the war. Akazoo takes the orphan girl Agitha in and raises her as his own daughter, and through her starts to make contact with the Gohma. Throughout the years, Akazoo, influenced by the Eye of Truth, becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the Kingdom. He begins to work against it in secret, using Azrily to acquire Sheikah secrets that might be useful for him.

In 115 AG, a blizzard starts ravaging Death Mountain. The blizzard lasts for over ten years and drives the Gorons into a slow decline.

The Return of SulkarisEdit

In 126 AG, when Princess Zelda IV and V are on vacation in Malkariko, Akazoo puts his betrayal in motion. He commissions the Keaton robber baron Halthor to steal the Goronu, the artefact used by Ganondorf to raise the Stalfos in the Gerudo Wars; has Azrily steal the Malmord, an ancient Sheikah pocket prison; and summons Agitha to inform the Gohma. His initial betrayal is successful as the Gohma overwhelm the Hylian garrison, allowing Akazoo to seemingly kill Zelda IV and imprison Zelda V in the Malmord. Akazoo then leaves Agitha and Mido in charge of the Gohma while he and Azrily head to Halthor's hideout in the Vigjaro Glade to barter the captured Princess for the Goronu.

After their victory, the Gohma march into the Kokiri Forest with the aim of freeing Sulkaris from her prison at Palagard's Sanctuary. Mido - the only associate of the Gohma who knows the location of the Sanctuary - demands them to attack Kanokiri and kill his hated father first before he'll guide them to their destination. With the Gohma swarming over the town Mido praises Sulkaris in front of his father for granting him freedom, which the Great Deku Tree kept away from him, before killing him with an Armogohma and capturing Saria. His vengeance achieved, Mido then leads the Gohma into Palagard's Sanctuary.

After the Gohma sack the city and exterminate the Huskus, Mido and Agitha bring the captive Saria to the inner sanctum where Sulkaris is imprisone. Mido coerces Saria to free Sulkaris, then has her replace Sulkaris' place in the prison. For her first move, Sulkaris cuts through the Death Mountain Range with her armies and strikes right at Airu, the capital city of Lanayru Province, the only power other than the Hylians that could rival the might of the Gohma. Although the city falls to the Gohma, most of the Lanayru personnel escapes except Queen Rutela, who gets caught and slain by Sulkaris.

The Lanayru survivors flee south to the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Gohma in hot pursuit. As the Gohma swarm approach the city of Vigjaro and King Kazakk's soldiers find themselves at a disadvantage, Hylia orders Nostrum to activate her army of Hylian Wizards led by Link and Lana. With their help, the Hylians manage to repel the Gohma and capture Agitha, who tells Kazakk that his daughter is still alive, Akazoo helped the Gohma to capture her and he's currently off to see the Keatons. Kazakk orders Link to accompany his army to Vigjaro Glade, leaving Lana in charge of Vigjaro's defence.

Kazakk condemns Akazoo a traitor, while Akazoo forcibly takes the Goronu from Halthor's hands to raise the dead buried in the Vigjaro Glade manor as Stalfos. The Hylians eventually emerge victorious, with Kazakk decapitating Akazoo and capturing Halthor. However, as a result of the ritual he performed earlier with Azrily and the Malmord, Akazoo doesn't go to Termina and his head is recovered by Azrily. In the meantime, Link recovers the Malmord and contacts Hylia, who orders him to bring it with the Princess inside to Vigjaro, and Carock to lead a detachment of Pyromancers to put Link under stasis, bring him and the Princess to her, and kill the King and his army.

However, Link and Hylia's plan is ruined when he accidentally imprisons himself inside the Malmord, which is then destroyed by a woman called Liyer. Zelda foresees the Wizzrobe attack and manages to warn her father, who, with Lanayru survivors and a tenuous alliance with the Keaton Cartel, manage to repel the ambush, but Link and Zelda are separated in the battle. Enraged at Carock's failure, Hylia dispatches an army led by Lana to capture the Princess.

The two flee to into Lanayru Province, where they discover Sulkaris continues on her rampage, destroying any city in her path as she hunts down the First Sage of Water, Malkorbagia. Unbeknownst to the warring factions, the First Sage of Time, Demoko, and his Oocca armies have been monitoring the war through his successor, Liyer. Despite Liyer's pleas, Demoko refuses to interfere against Sulkaris. Meanwhile, Link and Zelda are reunited with Kazaak's allied army and manage to engage Sulkaris' Gohma horde at Panacle Cove with an army of enraged Arurodas. As Sulkaris intervenes and prepares to destroy the mortal army, she is confronted by Liyer, who issues her an ultimatum from Demoko, but is mocked by the Fallen Sage, who continues on to the Zora city of Greshou to kill Malkorbagia.

The Zora defenders of the city are overwhelmed by the Gohma, and Sulkaris breaches the city's Great Library and confronts and kills Malkorbagia. His hand forced, Demoko deploys his army to kill Sulkaris and attempts to kill her by destroying Greshou with the Aura, but she survives and travels to Death Mountain to kill Mapahaeus, First Sage of Fire. Kazaak's army and remaining Zora and Lanayru forces survive the Aura by intervention from Lana's army. As Kazaak returns to Hyrule to muster his froces, Link, Zelda, and the Sages travel to Death Mountain to earn the Gorons.

Sulkaris confronts and kills Mapheus as the group warns the Gorons they must evacuate Death Mountain, as Demoko will destroy anyone in the way in his desperation to kill Sulkaris. The murder of Mapheus leads three of the surviving First Sages, Solahrasin, Kovaloo, and Evaleen, to march on Death Mountain, where, unaware of Sulkaris' presence, they wage war on each other as well as the Gohma and Oocca. The Goron army manages to break through the warring Sages just as Demoko glasses Death Mountain, destroying all the warring forces. Sulkaris, despite her body being destroyed, returns to the Gohma Hive Mind, withdrawing her forces from Lanayru Province. Meanwhile, Agitha escapes from captivity and proposes an alliance to Kazaak.

Not confident that Sulkaris is dead, Demoko establishes an Ooocca cordon around Death Mountain, cutting off trade and killing anyone who is deemed a threat. Beleiving the Oocca to be the greater threat, the Hylian, Zora, and Goron armies tenuously ally with the Gohma, attacking an Oocca base and managing to capture Demoko's second in command, Ooccoo. The Gohma travel through the base's portal to directly attack Demoko's Sky City, but Ooccoo warns the allied army that Sulkaris intends to claim the Aura for herself and wipe Hyrule clean of life. She, Liyer, and Link travel to the Sky City to confront both Demoko and Sulkaris.

Reception Edit

The decision to port from Medieval 2 to Pyrogenesis was announced in July 2017, following several years of cited frustration by Undyingnephalim and "Hyrule Total Team" with the limitations of the Medieval 2 engine. The announcement was met with mostly positive reaction from the mod's community, with some expressing disappointment that the mod was moving from the Total War series' focus on large-scale battles to gameplay more similar to the Age of Empires series. The first playable demo was released on September 25th, 2017, with the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Gerudo being playable factions.