Hyrule Field is a region of Hyrule, one dominated by grassland and the occasional wood. The site of countless battles across the ages, the Kingdom of Hyrule originated on these plains and it is from here they rule.

Areas Edit

Hyrule Field is one of the most diverse areas in Hyrule, terrain-wise, bearing a total of ten different areas within the Region's expanses.

Hyrule Proper Edit

Mostly composed of Hyrule Prime and its outskirts. This urban area serves as the seat from which the Kingdom of Hyrule rules.

Vigjaro Valley Edit

A canyon that lies in the shadow of Death Mountain and Snowpeak, two of Hyrule's most famous mountains. This shaded pass is home to the titular city of Vigjaro with its iconic Cathedral.

North Hyrule Field Edit

The northern half of the expansive grasslands that cover central Hyrule Field. It is home to the famed Lon Lon Ranch, where delicious Lon Lon Milk is produced, though not much else besides.

South Hyrule Field Edit

The southern half of the expansive grasslands that cover central Hyrule Field. The flat, grassy plains meet the grand Lake Hylia at the southernmost point, where Hylia Marine stands. Legends say the fabled Triforce resided here for a time.

Peak Province Edit

A mountainous area comprising solely of Snowpeak, a Hylian territory that has fallen into relative obscurity over recent years. An old fort is nestled amongst its peaks, and though ruined it remains an important base for the Royal Family of Hyrule.

East Hyrule Field Edit

A greener area of central Hyrule Field where the grasslands meet Kokiri Forest. In its very centre, Malkariko, a popular vacation site for the Royal Family.

Faron's Reach Edit

Located on the very fringes of the Faron Woods, where an old Sheikah territory now overrun by thieves and bandits can be found.

Death Mountain Glade Edit

A small woodland area on the outskirts of Vigjaro. Several abandoned Hylian structures play home to some of the greatest criminals in all of Hyrule, as well as a plentiful supply of Keaton Cider.

West Hyrule Field Edit

An area of increasingly arid yet fertile plains, home to a minor Hylian settlement on the edges of the Gerudo Desert.

Bandit's Cove Edit

An exceedingly dangerous area of Hyrule Field located on the dividing valley between Misery Mire, the Gerudo Desert and the rest of Hyrule Field. The bandit camp there is under constant threat of attacks by the Gohma, Gerudo or by Hyrule's own judicial powers.

Factions Edit

In Hyrule Field Region, we can find :

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