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Ikana is the ruined capital of the Kingdom of Ikana, located in a canyon in the mountainous wasteland south of Hyrule.


Ikana predates the earliest settlements of the Hylians and Darknuts by many generations and it is perhaps the oldest city on record. It long served as the capital of the Ikanians and was once a fertile and lush establishment inside the canyon networks where it was built. Ikana served as a frequent battleground during the Ikana civil war as well, culminating into a fight between forces commanded by Igos against those of Captain Keeta. Ikana was plunged into Termina along with many other Ikanian cities shortly after the Ikana civil war escalated, likely due to offenses against the Goddesses of Hyrule and their association with Majora.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

Ikana was one of the first major urban centers in Hyrule, built several generations before cities such as Zunayus, Ontheon, and Vigjaro.

At the onset of the Ikanian Civil War, King Igos du Ikana attempted to lure out the rebel forces of captain Keeta and their Garo allies by attacking the city's civilian populace. The ensuing battle between Loyalist and Rebels forces, as well as Igos' traitorous daughter Gomess and her hordes of cotnrolled Keese, would claim much of the cities populace. As the Civil War spread and ravaged Ikana for three days, Igos remained at his capital, surviving to curse the goddesses as Majora absorbed the city into Termina.

For five millennia, the City of Ikana was believed to have vanished into thin air, the only trace of its existence being ghostly images of the city flitting in and out of reality.



Ikana prior to the curse.

Ikana is a very fortified location: it's impervious to assault from the south and, to a lesser degree, the west and east. The city can be directly assaulted from the northern gate, from which invaders can progress to the inner gate that leads to the plaza. Armies can move in from the west an east via small mountain pathways, but will eventually end up outside the main gate to the city. Infantry can assault the small mountain top outpost to the east and can enter the city's inner plaza via that path. Artillery can also set up shop just outside this outpost to lob their firepower into most of the city. There are numerous balconies and walls from which defenders can mount archers on in this city, not to mention roads wide enough for Ikana to make the most of its chariots.

Creator's NotesEdit

Not really much to say about Ikana I suppose. I just wanted the city to look like a dead and decaying wasteland like in Majora's Mask.