The Inquisitor is a type of agent in Hyrule: Total War's freeform campaign, only available to the Oocca.


If an Oocca Inquisitor descends to the surface of Hyrule, it can only mean that the death of a powerful leader will soon follow. Inquisitors are sent to seek out and utterly destroy any suspected influence of Majora. They travel around Hyrule, interrogating characters and generals of other factions. If their victims are found to be tied to Majora in any way, they are instantly executed.

Gameplay Edit

Oocca Inquisitors will appear if any territory controlled by a Strict Goddess Worship faction has a high percentage of Majora Worship, or if a Strict Goddess Worship faction has been excommunicated by the Oocca. The Inquisitor(s) will immediately travel to the target region, prioritizing any Disciples of Majora for denouncement. Once any Disciples have been eliminated, they will begin targeting any Strict Goddess Worship agent in the region: if the agent fails against the denouncement, they will immediately be executed. The Piety of the target increases his/her chance of surviving the denouncement, while the Piety of the Inquistor decreases it.

Sheikah Assassins can target Inquisitors, but if they fail, relations between them and the Oocca will plummet. Inquisitors are less likely to target agents of a faction allied with the Oocca.

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