Iron Knuckles are iron suits of armour animated by the ghosts of long-dead male Gerudo warriors. Slow and durable, they serve as tank units in the otherwise lightly-armoured Gerudo army.

Description Edit

Animated suits of heavy armor, Iron Knuckles are bound with the spirits of dead Gerudo Kings, returned to the world of the living to wage war against the enemies of the empire. These massive and durable constructs wield massive Gerudo War Axes into battle. Having already died in the distant past, they know absolutely no fear and will engage even the most terrifying enemy head-on.

Role Edit

  • Heavy Assault Infantry

Their durable armor, massive battle axe, and complete lack of fear made Iron Knuckles the undisputed champion of a Gerudo offensive. Just a small gathering of Iron Knuckles could plow a bloody trail through an entire army before falling to superior numbers.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Wide Arc Can attack multiple enemies at once
Heavy Armor Resistant to all non-Armor Piercing attacks
No Fear Cannot lose morale and retreat

Recruitment Edit

  • Building: Gerudo Fortress (requires Spirit Altar)
  • Time: 4 Turns
  • Cost: 450
  • Upkeep: 135

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