Sage of Water, Sapphire Sage, Lord Jabu Jabu







Oshus Empire, Great Sea


100 AG
Domain Prime, Zora Dominion



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Jabun, more commonly known as Lord Jabu Jabu, is the second Sage of Water of Hyrule and the founder of the Zora Dominion.


Jabun's name has no meaning in his native tongue. The Zora adopted the word jabu into their language from his name, meaning 'almost god' or 'demigod'.


Stained glass depiction of Jabun in Hyrule Castle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jabun is a large Oshunite, roughly 100 feet in length. He is characterized by grey blue scales and two large blue eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jabun was given the ability to control and manipulate water and its various states. He can both evaporate and freeze water and bend it into any shape or form. There are many rumors that Jabun was capable of flight, though because of his young age when he was named a Sage he never grew wings like other members of his race.


Jabun is known for his vanity and over bloated ego. He refuses to speak to anyone other than his servants or worshippers. He has an insatiable appetite and is also known for his gluttony and laziness.


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Ancient AgeEdit

Jabun was one of the few survivors of the slaughter brought on by the Ocean King's Phantom Army. He withdrew from the northern Great Sea and eventually found his way into Hyrule, settling at the source of the Zora River. There the Zora began to worship him, believing him to be Malkorbagia's successor and the Wind Fish of their legends. He established the Zora Dominion and formed the monarchy that would rule over for the next several thousand years.

First Golden AgeEdit

Jabun rests for many centuries, only awakening to instate new monarchs to the Zora throne. He is greatly disliked by the other Sages of the time, notably the Great Deku Tree. Shortly before the Gerudo Wars erupts he makes Princess Ruto his successor, after she is killed and Zaleen pleads with Jabun to bring her back to life.

The Gerudo WarsEdit

Jabun is present when the Twili and River Zora invade the Zora's Domain in 100 AG. Slothful with age and his gluttony, he puts up no resistance against Veran, who kills him in retribution for her husband's death at the hand of Ruto.

Preceded by:
Sage of Water
Succeeded by:
Princess Ruto

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