Captain Keeta








4962 BG
Ikana, Ikana Canyons


Ikanian Greataxe

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Keeta is a Captain in the Kingdom of Ikana's military that led the rebel forces against King Igos du Ikana during the Ikanian Civil War.

Physical Characteristics Edit

In life, Keeta was a very tall Ikanian with red-brown skin and white-yellow facial hair. Following his absorption into Termina, he takes on a skeletal appearance, with glowing yellow cracks covering his body.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

Captain Keeta was once King Igos' favored military commander and a popular figure to the commonfolk of the Kingdom. When Majora infiltrated the nation, it brought together the Garo Master and Keeta and convinced them to betray Igos, with Keeta assuming the throne as a puppet for a new Garo Nation. Unbeknownst to the rebellion, Majora had also warned Igos of their betrayal and convinced Gomess, his daughter, to launch a simultaneous attack. At the onset of the Civil War, Igos ordered attack on his own people in the capital to draw Keeta's rebel forces out- the plan worked, and Igos' loyalist forces, Keeta's rebels, and Gomess' army of controlled beasts would wage war for 3 days until they were all dead. Keeta himself fell in this slaughter and was absorbed into Termina, doomed to live out the 3 days of betrayal for all eternity.

Hero Ability Edit


Ignite: Keeta summons a field of flames near enemy units, burning many to death.


Keeta's in-game model.

Can only be used once per battle.


Keeta's undead model.

Beta Description Edit

Once King Igos' favorite captain, Keeta was a well-renowned leader figure in the Ikana army. When the civil war broke out, however, Keeta was forced to betray Igos and ended up opposing him. This undesired betrayal became a willing hatred of Igos when Keeta was cast into Termina with the rest of the Kingdom. Now freed in Hyrule, Keeta has renounced the war against King Igos, though in Keeta's heart the throne is all that matters now in the end.

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