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The Kingdom of Hyrule is a playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


The Kingdom of Hyrule is amongst the largest nations on the continent of Hyrule, occupying much of the northern-central region of the continent. Its heartland is situated in the large central plain known as Hyrule Field, with Lake Hylia serving as its southern border, and is bounded by the mountains of the Gerudo Desert and Mount Hebra to the west, and the Kokiri Forest and Dominion Valley to the East. Its territory extends north through the Vigjaro Rift to Lanayru River, which forms the Kingdom's northern border. The Zora River nearly divides the Kingdom in half, marking the southwestern extend of Hylian territory as its flows back into Hyrule and drains into Lake Hylia.

Hyrule is resource-rich land dominated by a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Its vast plains are some of the richest farmland on the continent, supported by trade and fishing along the River Zora and Lake Hylia.

Capital and Settlements

Hyrule Prime, commonly called Castle Town due to the iconic Hyrule Castle, has served as the Kingdom's royal capital since 2991 BG, constructed as the new Royal Capital of Akkala by King Rhoaban Gustaf I and retained as the capital by his usurpers. It is one of the largest urban centers in Hyrule, with a population of over 10,000 and home to wonders such as the Temple of Time.

Other major Hylian settlements include the cities of Vigjaro and Malkariko as well as the towns of Naldoriko, Sorkariko, Hylia Marine, and Kakariko. Vigjaro is located in the shadow of Mount Hebra and is Hyrule's oldest surviving city, home to the Grand Cathedral of the Order of the Wizzrobe. Malkariko is a large city home to the Summer Palace of the Royal Family and famous for its blacksmithing. Hylia Marine, traditionally a joint Hylian-Zora settlement, is home to the ancient Zora Water Temple, and serves as Lake Hylia's main port. Kakariko is a small mining town nestled in the foothills of Death Mountain, headquarters of the Sheikah and site of their secret Shadow Temple. The settlement of Lon Lon Ranch exists as a semi-autonomous community within central Hyrule Field.


Hylians are a humanoid race descended from the Akkalans, and share ethnic relation to the Sheikah, Ordonians, Gerudo, Calatians, Labrynnians, Horonians, and Arcadians, as well as the ancient Wind Tribe, Cobble, and Lokomo, all being members of the same race descended from the mythical Firstborn. Additionally, the Twili, Lanayru Zora Hybrids, and High Zoran all share heritage with this race. Hylians are elfin beings identified by their long, horizontally tilted pointed ears, typically boasting light skin and fair hair. The Hylians traditionally believe their ears allowed them to better hear the words of the Goddesses.They boast a multitude of eye colors ranging from brown to blue, with the ancient crimson eyes of their Akkalan forebears being seen as a mark of pure blood.

Hylians are in general a stern, pious, and militaristic people, fanatically devoted to the Church of the Golden Goddesses and disliked by many other races for the zealotry, arrogance, and imperialism. An inherently urban culture, they gravitate toward compact, well-defended urban centers, dominated by grand architecture and self-sufficient urban gardens and farms. This is a remnant of their ancient plains lifestyles, favoring commanding, defensive settlements that could counter an attack from any direction. The average Hylian lives a comfortable, prosperous lifestyle compared to many other inhabitants of Hyrule, but ultimately is subservient to the whims of the ruling aristocracy- in times of war, most able bodied men are drafted into military roles, with all civilians and their property becoming completely under the control of the Royal Family.


The Kingdom of Hyrule has its origins in the Ancient Houses of Akkala. In 2291 BG, nine years after Rhoaban Gustaf I slew Sulkaris and was crowned the first united King of Akkala, Baolin Nohansen, younger brother of Aodin Nohansen, plotted to secure his House's legacy following the mysterious death of his older brother, arranging the assassination of Gustaf with Yom Daltus I of House Daltus. Gustaf was successfully poisoned, however, the coup quickly fell apart as Yom Daltus I betrayed the usurper King and the great Houses of Akkala - Gustaf, Nohansen, Harkinian, Daltus, and Rhoam, waged war for the throne, sparking the Akkalan Civil War. By 2986 BG, the war had ended amid the deaths of the leaders of the Houses, and the sudden invasion of the Moblins into Akkalan territory. Baolin's niece, Hylia Nohansen I, was infused with the power of the Triforce, becoming revered as a goddess, to the point the Akkalan people renamed themselves Hylians in honor of their Queen. Hylia launched a counteroffensive, utterly destroying the Blin invader's homeland, but was so wracked by guilt at her act of Genocide, She named her uncle her successor, vanishing into exile and erasing herself from history. Throughout the following centuries the great Houses would intermarry, reigning over two millennia of peace known as the First Golden Age.


The Kingdom of Hyrule is an imperial military dictatorship, ruled by a Royal Family of intermarried noble Houses that date to the time of Akkala. These houses hold lands and retainers but are subservient to the Hylian crown. Intermarriage with foreign powers is not unknown. The Royal Family is governed by female-preference primogeniture, with the crown traditionally passing to the eldest daughter. Regardless, the Hylian Crown has traditionally been a gender neutral title, with both women and men serving as Monarch. The spouse of the reigning monarch is known as the Princess or Prince-Consort and assumes the throne as regent until the time an heir reaches adulthood. Such consorts are typically adopted from prominent noble lines or famous military generals.

Hyrule maintains political and economic ties with many of its neighbors, including the Gorons, Kokiri, Zora Dominion, Gerudo, and Darknut Legion. It holds particularly close ties to the Zora Dominion, retaining joint authority over Lanayru Province, and traditionally sharing the town of Hylia Marine. Ordona Province, traditionally a Hylian territory, was granted Province status in 39 AG, becoming a semi-autonomous vassal state. The Kingdom has traditionally shared hostilities with the Moblins to the southwest, frequently skirmishing along their borders.

Noble Houses

The Kingdom of Hyrule is dominated by a number of ancient family lines dating back to the time of Akkala. Of these, 5 great houses have traditionally dominated the aristocracy and economy of the Kingdom. These five main houses are served by numerous smaller houses from which are derived the Kingdom's famed Knights of Hyrule as well as regular footmen. In times of war, all familial or political loyalty becomes subservient to the needs of the crown. Of the great Houses, House Gustaf is believed to have been driven into extinction during the Akkalan Civil War, while House Daltun and its ancient bannermen largely became the Hybrid nobility of Lanayru Province.

House Region Lord Sigil Blazon Words Notes
Arcad Kokiri Forest Rhoam Stag
Arthon Hyrule Field Nohansen Buffalo *Adopted
Athos Kokiri Forest Rhoam Pink Fairy
Athus Hyrule Field Nohansen White Fox
Atrinas Hyrule Field Nohansen Manhandla Jaw *Adopted
Atrinon Hyrule Proper Harkinian Bee
Ayrguohn Kokiri Forest Rhoam Dragon
Bede Hyrule Proper Harkinian Pumpkin
Dalrus Hyrule Field Nohansen Mole
Daltus Akkala Citadel Self Grey Rupee With Salt And Gold, We Rule
Dorephan Lanayru Coast Daltus Oshunite *Hybrid
Eragou Hyrule Proper Harkinian Wildberry
Harkinian Hyrule Proper Self Golden Chalice We Feast From The Vine
Hathyen Hyrule Field Nohansen Mothula
Katheno Kokiri Forest Rhoam Deku Monkey with Stick
Kazakk Hyrule Field Nohansen Red Lion *Adopted
Lontha Lon Lon Ranch Nohansen
White Horse
Malkori Malkariko Harkinian Silver Apple Tree
Mathos Hyrule Field Nohansen Butterfly
Moradi Hyrule Field Nohansen Crow
Muno Hyrule Proper Harkinian Three Red Eyes **
Namadi Hyrule Field Nohansen Kargarok
Nohansen Lake Hylia Self
Red-Beaked Swan Through Blood And Grace
Naldor Naldoriko Nohansen Falcon
Nalthos Hyrule Proper Harkinian Durian Fruit
Othran Kokiri Forest Rhoam Orhat in Flight
Otrinon Hyrule Field Nohansen Squirrel
Picrol Kokiri Forest Rhoam Hylian and Picori Holding Sword
Plathos Hyrule Proper Harkinian Cucco
Rasphadi Kokiri Forest Rhoam Fountain
Rhoam Kokiri Forest Self Unicorn Head Through Myth, Through Truth
Rhodjria Hyrule Proper Harkinian Silver Princess Flower
Socicila Hyrule Proper Harkinian Thistle
Soth Kokiri Forest Rhoam Deku Tree
Stylas Hyrule Field Nohansen Collie Dog
Tholon Kokiri Forest Rhoam Golden Deku Baba
Trinon Kokiri Forest Rhoam Loftwing
Valko Hyrule Field Nohansen Heron
Vapith Hyrule Field Nohansen Violet Snake *Adopted
Vryciaro Vigjaro Harkinian Grapes

Civ Bonuses

  • Dominant Power (Hylians have a 25% territory range bonus for all Town Halls)
  • City Creators (Hylian Citizens construct all non-military buildings 10% faster)
  • Settlers (Hylians can build non-military buildings in neutral territory)







Hero Units









  • The Kingdom of Hyrule's faction symbol is the Wingcrest, and emblem used to represent Hyrule throughout the Legend of Zelda series, having first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.