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Lanayru Province is a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


Centuries ago the Hylians progressed north of their Kingdom and arrived at the northern shores of the land where they met communities of Zora. Rather than force the Zora out through conflict, these Hylians made peace and began to coexist with the Zora. This peaceful relationship grew quite far over time, and before long many Hylians were taking Zoras as mates and creating hybrid offspring of both peoples. When word of this reached both the Kingdom of Hyrule and the Zora Dominion, both races were appalled and considered the act an abomination. Laws were enforced and the inter racial marriages were banned from there on out. Regardless of these restrictions, the modern day Zora of Lanayru are remnants of those half breed ancestors, and throughout the ages Hylians and Zoras have managed to give birth to hybrids under the noses of enforcers. Unlike pure blooded Zoras, the Lanayru Zora display pupiled eyes and usually adorn fins along their heads. Because of the unnatural Hylian mix the head fins are as unique as fingerprints for each Zora. Lanayru Zora skin color also varies widely, those that inherit more Zora traits tend to be more blue like pure blooded Zora, while those that inherit more Hylian traits tend to be more reddish or pink in hue. Regardless of the peace between those of Lanayru, the Hylians, and the Zora, the pure bloods of both races look down upon those of Lanayru. Members of both races that wish to live with the lovers of the other race also tire of being repressed by authority. Unrest in Lanayru is growing, and in secret they are preparing an army should they need to win their right and independence by force. Because Lanayru is technically not a nation in its own right and falls under jurisdiction of both the Kingdom of Hyrule and Zora Dominion, the military force of the area is largely assembled in secret and is composed of mostly volunteers and hired soldiers. Because Lanayru sits on some of the largest rupee mines in Hyrule, the rising rebellion is able to fund a vast army with ease. Unfortunately because their cause only applies to those tired of being repressed, their army is mostly composed of young and untrained hopefuls who have seen little or no war. Despite this, one should never scoff at an army composed of individuals who fight for the right to be with their loved ones, and the fierce desire for independence only makes their armies all the stronger.

Language Edit

Lanayru Hylian-Zora Hybrids primarily speak and write in High Zora, much like their Dominion cousins.

Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • Quick Learners: The open minded mentality of Lanayru Provinces means their soldiers learn and adapt faster than most soldiers. As such Lanayru soldiers rank up faster than those of other empires.
  • Rupee Miners: Lanayru Province sits on top of the largest Rupee Veins in all of Hyrule. As such all economic bonuses are increased in the campaign for Lanayru Province.
  • Aquatic: The Zora of Lanayru Province are able to travel over any body of water.
  • Fashion Obsessed: Soldiers in Lanayru Province prefer to wear comfortable and stylish clothing rather than professional grade armour into battle, and as such are usually more frail in combat.




Siege WeaponryEdit

Hero UnitsEdit



History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

The Lanayru coast was first settled by Zora colonists at the site of Airu and Panacle Cove millennia ago, and later by Ancient Hylian settlers. Over time these colonists would establish relationships seen as profane in their homelands, and become the ancestors of the first generations of Hylian-Zora Hybrids. As the Ancient Kingdom of Hyrule expanded, the Lanayru Coast was absorbed as a Province and ruled under joint jurisdiction with the Zora Dominion for many centuries. During this time, Hylian-Zora relationships were forbidden, and the descendants of such unions shunned as abominations by both cultures.

First Golden Age Edit

After his crowning by Jabun, King Farkos married General Rutela, a hero during the Rise of Ganon. As the new Queen-Consort of the Dominion, she took up residence in Lanayru's provincial capital of Airu, taking up the de facto title of Queen of Lanayru Province.

The Gerudo Wars Edit

By 99 AG, Lanayru Province had become a semi-autonomous Province of the Kingdom of Hyrule. However, it faced harsh sanctions by the Zora Dominion due to fears by Zora Royalty that the Province's economic prosperity would lead to a dissemination of tainted offspring by Lanayru traders. Queen Rutela sent an emissary, Laruto, to negotiate lifting the sanctions with her daughter Ruto, acting Princess of the Dominion, while Farkos waged war on the Gorons of Death Mountain. These talks, however, would be disrupted by an attack by the River Zora and Forces of Twilight on Domain Prime. Although the small Lanayru diplomat mission aided in the city's defense, Domain Prime was ultimately destroyed by the Parella, crippling the Zora Dominion and forcing its survivors to flee to Lanayru Province.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

By 126 AG, Lanayru Province had adopted an isolationist, appeasement-based policy in regard to its neighbors, attempting to move beyond the Ancient Zora rivalry with the Gorons. When the Hylian city of Malkariko is attacked by the Gohma, word quickly travels north, leading Queen Rutela to recall her armies back to their home territories and prepare for the coming onslaught. Her fears prove to be true, as little over a week later, the Gohma horde, led by a newly freed Sulkaris, cut through the Dodongo's Cavern pass into Lanayru Province's territory, in a straight path for the capital of Airu. Despite their preparations, the Lanayru garrison, lacking reinforcements, are overwhelmed and forced to retreat from the city via secret underwater tunnels. Most of Airu's civilians are evacuated prior to the atack, and are soon joined by the surviving forces in a flight to the Hylian city of Vigjaro. The Lanayru refugees arrive at the city with the Gohma in close pursuit, manage to aid the Hylian garrison and Order of the Wizzrobe in successfully defending the city.

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