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Laruto (pronounced la-roo-toe) is the fourth Sage of Water and Earth from Hyrule and the second Queen of Lanayru Province.


Laruto's name is the genitive form of the popular Zora name and name suffix ruto, derived from the Zora word ruton (love).

Physical AppearanceEdit

Laruto is a tall and graceful Zora, characterized by bluish-grey skin and purple eyes. When she is younger she has red tips on her head fins, but they fade with age.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Laruto was given the ability to control and manipulate water and its various states. She could both evaporate and freeze water and bend it into any shape or form. She was also granted Darunia's power over the earth.


Laruto is known for being an introvert and kept to herself often, giving her the impression of antisocial tendencies. In reality she is just generally annoyed by other people and prefers to keep to herself. When she becomes Queen of Lanayru Province her kindness shows through her fierceness and she is revered as a benevolent individual.



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The Gerudo WarsEdit

In 100 AG Laruto visits the Zora Dominion and asks for a trade agreement between the Dominion and Lanayru. Princess Ruto flatly refuses, claiming that it would cause the half-breeds from Lanayru to come taint the purebloods, even though Laruto reminds Ruto that she's herself a half-breed as well. However, the meeting is interrupted by Zaleen, who reports a Twili and River Zora raid.

Laruto commands her escort force to help Ruto, Zaleen and Telara defend Domain Prime against the Twili. In the caverns underneath the capital, Laruto helps Ruto kill the Twili General Onox. However, when the Zora and the Twili are occupied, the River Zora have planted numerous Sols around the capital, and with Onox dead, they abandon their Twili allies and detonate the Sols, demolishing Domain Prime. The Twili are routed, but the Zora Dominion was no more.

Laruto attempts to take as many survivors as she could to Lanayru Province for sanctuary.

The Return of SulkarisEdit

Sage laruto

Laruto, Sage of Water & Earth

In 127 AG the Gohma swiftly and suddenly assaults the entirety of Lanayru Province, including the capital of Airu. Laruto attempts to defend the city of Airu from the Gohma, though eventually the walls are overrun and she is forced to retreat. Laruto jumps into the underwater passage that leads to the underground catacombs of the city to escape, followed by Prince Ralis and Queen Rutela, but the Queen fails to make it and is grabbed by Sulkaris. As Sulkaris kills Rutela, Laruto holds Ralis, preventing him from foolishly charging and getting himself killed as well. She then leads the rest of the Lanayru survivors to exit Airu via the underwater caverns.

After the Gohma invasion passed, Laruto and her forces retake the now devastated Airu and set out to rebuild the city. Laruto crowns herself Queen of Lanayru Province and adopts the now grieving Ralis as her own son.

After the defeat of Sulkaris, Princess Ruto decides to live in Lanayru Province for a time. Laruto asks to become her disciple and a candidate for Sagehood once Prince Ralis is old enough to take the throne. Ruto accepts and promises to name Laruto the next Sage when her time on the throne ends.

The Great SeaEdit


Stained glass depiction of Laruto in Hyrule Castle.

Near the end of 140 AG Queen Laruto is approached by Princess Zelda to commission a fleet of ships to explore and colonize the islands of the northern Great Sea. She agrees to the task and merged Lanayru Province with the Kingdom of Hyrule. Around this time Prince Ralis wishes to claim the throne of Lanayru and Laruto relinquishes the crown. She is then named a Sage by Ruto and sets out with Princess Zelda to explore the Great Sea.

Laruto eventually names Medli as her successor as Sage of Water and Earth. She is later killed in the battle against Bellum.

Hero AbilitiesEdit


Lanayru Province- Precision Attacks: Ally army's attacks are temporarily armor piercing.

Land abilityEdit

Sage of Peace - Laruto convinces an enemy unit to put down their arms and cease fighting, making them hesitant to obey orders and engage. Enemy unit will argue amongst themselves for a period of time before taking orders.

Sea abilityEdit

Tsunami - Laruto uses her Sage abilities to unleash a giant wave towards enemy forces, tossing water creatures great distances and potentially sinking enemy ships.

Bodyguard Edit

Guardian Maidens (Lanayru Province)

Preceded by:
Queen Rutela
Queen of Lanayru Province
128 AG - 140 AG
Succeeded by:
Prince Ralis
(as King of Lanayru Province)
Preceded by:
Darunia (as Sage of Fire)
Sage of Earth
140 AG - 143 AG
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Princess Ruto
Sage of Water
141 AG - 143 AG
Succeeded by:

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