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The Lokomo are an unplayable faction that resided in the western Great Sea in Great Sea: Total War. Because they are nearly extinct by the time period the Freeform Campaign is set in, the Lokomo have a very minimal presence there, with only a few characters.


Ancient AgeEdit

During the ancient era, the Druthulidi Bellum instigated a confict between three advanced civilizations: the Lokomo, the Oshus Empire, and the Cobble Kingdom. It provided all three sides with military and economic aid, until both the Lokomo and Oshus Empire rejected any further help, after they realised they were being manipulated. The Cobble Kingdom took full advantage of Bellum's aid and dominated most of the land and sea north of Hyrule. Eventually Bellum launched an invasion of the Great sea, so King Oshus unleashed his automated Phantom Army as a last resort. Although the Phantoms succeeded in defeating Bellum, King Oshus lost control of them, which resulted in the army going on a rampage, which resulted in the near-extinction of the Lokomo and Oshunites.

Physiology Edit

The Lokomo are members of one of the most widespread races in Hyrule, being members of the same species as Hylians, Sheikah, Cobble, Ordonians, Gerudo, Tarminians, Horonians and Labrynnians. The Lokomo have longer, sail-shaped ears compared to their Hylian cousins.



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