Lost Gorons

Main Colour

Dark Red


Goddess Acknowledgement



Rival Factions

Anouki Natives, Korok Colonists

Cordial Factions

Ocean Blins, Cobble Kingdom

Faction Theme

Marching Themes

Battle Themes

The Lost Gorons are a playable faction in Great Sea: Total War.


Long ago before the Gorons kept written history, they sent many expeditions to distant lands to explore and colonise. Many of these colonies failed, while other were subjugated such as the Gorons of Labrynna. Some tribes of Gorons managed to set sail and land in the Great Sea however, and unbeknownst to anyone they thrived.

The Lost Gorons remained secluded on their island colonies for many years, digging deep into the ground just as their ancestors did in the Death Mountain Range. Over time they eventually came to live entirely underground, rarely coming to the surface. Life under the earth has changed the appearance of these Gorons, and they have taken on dark and crystalline characteristics unlike the Gorons of Hyrule.

Like their ancestors, the Lost Goron Tribes excel at sieging and assaulting their enemies and dealing damage on land. Though their navy is small, crude, and remarkably slow, they also pack powerful cannons and ship wrecking weaponry.




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