Lynna City
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Labrynna Regime (Capital)






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Lynna City is the capital of the Labrynna Regime, located in the central plains of Labrynna, to the far southeast of Hyrule.


Because of forged records and warped history, the origin of Lynna City is skewed. Many theories believe it was originally a colony established by the Ancient Hylians that fled their homeland from the Gohma sometime before the reign of King Gustaf. Regardless of its origin, Lynna City has long been the capital of the Labrynna Regime and the throne of their Kings and Queens for many centuries. Very few enemies in the land of Labrynna allowed the city to flourish and grow for many ages until the Regime began to strip mine the surrounding landscape. Now the once lush and lively settlement is slowly becoming an industrial factory, with the Black Tower being a looming symbol of the city's eventual fate.

Lynna City is a vast expanse of urban sprawl and industrial structures, the skies overhead permanently choked with smog and pollution spewed out by innumerous smokestacks dotting the city's skyline. Due to stripmining and pollution, much of the land has been reduced to a wasteland. Despite this, Lynna City is the largest and most populated urban center on the face of Hyrule, with a population of twenty-five thousand, rivaled only by the Hylian capital of Hyrule Prime.


With reinforced walls surrounding almost the entire city, the two gates at the southwest and southeast are the only locations that cavalry and siege weapons can enter the city from. Infantry can attempt to scale the walls on all sides with ladders but will have to march around the circumference to make their way to the palace's plaza. If invaders choose to enter through the gates they'll have to travel along paths that circle the Black Tower to another gate that guards the Palace. The wall that encircles the city and the rectangular walls that guard the palace allow the Labrynnians to make most of their devastating gunpowder and ranged attacks.


Lynna City is the capital of Labrynna, and the location of the Labrynna Seat of Power and the Black Tower.

Creator's NotesEdit

Taking a twist on the 'Past and Present' theme of the city in Oracle of Ages, I wanted Lynna City to have two potentially clashing visual styles of two eras. On one hand we have the medieval era palace and houses set up in the city, juxtaposed next to networks of pipes to signal the coming industrial age that Labrynna might enter into. Within the city walls there is vegetation maintained by the city, but peeking out of the walls will reveal evidence of strip mining that will eventually scar the land if it continues. And of course clashing with the rather cheery, peaceful, and uplifting colors of most of the city is the dark and ominous Black Tower. So here within Lynna we see the clash between Old and New, Preservation of Nature and the destruction of it, and Hope against Despair.