Mad Mystics
Mad Mystics are deranged, insane Great Fairies that serve as a light 'cavalry' substitute for the Fairies of Tarm if Venus is chosen as the hero.


Although most Fairies remained rather secluded in their homeland, Mad Mystics were those that ventured to the far corners of the world to learn its secrets and wonders. They took interest in other beings, often offering powers and favors to wanderers that stumbled upon them if they could complete riddles and quests. Centuries of solitude away from their kind has caused these powerful creatures to go somewhat loopy, and it was said they would often laugh madly for no real reason.

Attributes Edit

  • Flight: dodges most melee attacks, extremely vulnerable to ranged attacks.
  • Trample: has a chance to instantly kill enemies in charge attack.
  • Impetuous: strong morale, might charge without orders.
  • Numerous (has a larger troop count)

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