Sage of Water, Sapphire Sage, Holder of Knowledge, Maiden of Grace






Golden Goddesses (creators)
Demoko (sibling)
Solahrasin (sibling)
Maphaeus (sibling)
Sulkaris (sibling)
Evaleen (sibling)
Kovaloo (sibling)


Dawn of Hyrule


126 AG
Greshou Library, Greshou, Lanayru Province



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Malkorbagia is the first Sage of Water of Hyrule, created at the dawn of Hyrule to defend the Triforce.


Malkorbagia's name predates many Hyrulean languages. It is possible the Ancient Hylian words malkor (flowing with, moving with) and bagia (grace, beauty) were derived from her name.


Stained glass depiction of Malkorbagia in Hyrule Castle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In the Book of Mudora, Malkorbagia is described as "formed from the water then young and new of the world, she is of the form of grace, clothed in material, and her vessel hidden from mortal eyes." It is assumed Malkorbagia is likely a being composed entirely of water or liquids and was dressed in clothing. Portrayals of her in later ages depict her as rather humanoid, often clothed in white and blue dresses.

In her actual form Malkorbagia appears as a tall humanoid woman composed of flowing water, with no mouth, white glowing eyes, and pointed ears like a Hylian. Her "hair" consists of tentacle-like dark blue appendages that move independently.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Malkorbagia was given the ability to control and manipulate water and its various states. She can both evaporate and freeze water and bend it into any shape or form. It is unknown if this power extends to other forms of matter. She displays her powers as Sage of Water when she is confronted by Sulkaris after the disposing of Princess Ruto. She manipulates water into tall columns, attempting to drown and wash away the invading Gohma and their Fallen Sage leader. It is also shown in several water towers she forced when boiled by armogohma beams.


Malkorbagia's personality is described as one of intellect and decency. She admires grace and form and is possibly vain and somewhat egocentric. She puts a special interest in the gathering of knowledge for others to learn from, and in time she becomes associated with libraries and schooling.


Creation of HyruleEdit

Malkorbagia was the fifth Sage to be created by the Golden Goddesses. She was created to maintain the engines of the Goddesses and assure their operation. She participated in battle against many of the Druthulidi that were corrupting the creation of Hyrule. When the Goddesses initiated their purge of Hyrule, it was said that she diminished the flames that covered the world because of Maphaeus, and washed away all traces of evil from the surface.

Post CreationEdit

With Hyrule in its infancy Malkorbagia returned to the Sacred Realm and watched over the Triforce, awaiting for the Trilith so that it may be passed on to mortals.

When the Trilith awoke into Hyrule, Malkorbagia, five of the other Sages, and the three Oracles passed the Triforce unto them and placed it in their care. Malkorbagia taught mortals the concepts of decency, censorship, and the passing of knowledge unto their younger generations. Her work complete, Malkorbagia left into the oceans of Hyrule, eventually finding peace and rest at the Greshou Library.

There is no record of how or when Malkorbagia chose Jabun to be her successor. It is possible that there may have been another forgotten Sage in the line between the two. Malkorbagia is often worshiped by the Zora as a lesser deity, and attribute their need for grace to her teachings. There are some Hylian temples devoted to Malkorbagia, and many libraries across Hyrule are created in her name. In later eras she is often associated with grace, beauty, virginity, decency, censorship, knowledge, research, education, and lawful morality. A heretical cult of High Zorans worship her as a supreme deity, higher than even the Goddesses, who gave the Zora the water that they crave; these cultists engrave their hands with the mark of a six-pointed star.

The Return of SulkarisEdit


Malkorbagia is boiled alive by Armagohma beams.

In 127 AG, the traitor Sulkaris, after taking over the city of Airu, captures and interrogates a group of Malkorbagia's cultists, who reveal that she is sleeping under the Greshou Library. Sulkaris leads her Gohma there and begins destroying the library and its contents, awakening Malkorbagia. Malkorbagia initially taunts Sulkaris by questioning if she intends to destroy her with a blade. Sulkaris then orders her Armagohma to direct fire at Malkorbagia, boiling her alive.

The death of Malkorbagia causes a devastating effect on the other Sages, causing them to collapse. Meanwhile, her Water Medallion is seized by Sulkaris, who later uses it to protect herself from Demoko's Aura and kill Maphaeus.

Preceded by:
Title created
Sage of Water
Dawn of Hyrule - c. 4990 BG
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