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Maphaeus is one of the first seven Sages of the Goddesses, created at the dawn of Hyrule to defend the Triforce.


Mapheaus's name predates many Hyrulean languages. It is possible the Ancient Hylian words maph (forever, eternal) and aeus (burning, smoldering) were derived from her name.


Stained glass depiction of Maphaeus in Hyrule Castle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In the Book of Mudora, Maphaeus is described as "created of form, yet free of it, Maphaeus briefly rebelled against her inception until accepting her place. She was as wild as the flames that wrapped about her, and her wrath was swift". It is assumed Maphaeus is likely a being composed entirely of flames or magma. Portrayals of her in later ages depict her as a burning humanoid that is often dancing.

Maphaeus appears as a Hylian woman composed of ash, magma, and flame, with billowing white hair made of smoke and fire. Her eyes glow a deep, fiery red.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maphaeus was given the ability to control and manipulate heat, most commonly through the use of fire and explosives. She could ignite anything she chose.

Maphaeus' powers as Sage of Fire are not displayed during her confrontation with Sulkaris. Because of the freezing air from Malkorbagia's sage medallion, Maphaeus couldn't burn or ignite anything.


Maphaeus' personality is described as wild, chaotic, and free. She dislikes restrictions being put on her and is often left to her own devices.


Creation of HyruleEdit

Maphaeus was the fourth Sage to be created by the Golden Goddesses. She was created to power the engines of the Goddesses and assure that they remained operational. She participated in battle against many of the Druthulidi that were corrupting the creation of Hyrule. When the Goddesses initiated their purge of Hyrule, it was said that she drenched the world in holy fire, burning the corrupted monsters of the Druthulidi to death.

Post CreationEdit

With Hyrule in its infancy Maphaeus returned to the Sacred Realm and watched over the Triforce, awaiting for the Trilith so that it may be passed on to mortals.

When the Trilith awoke into Hyrule, Maphaeus, five of the other Sages, and the three Oracles passed the Triforce unto them and placed it in their care. It is written that Maphaeus taught mortals the concepts of freedom, fun, and the thrill of the hunt. Her work complete, Maphaeus left into the depths of the molten earth under the Death Mountain Range where she has rested ever since.

There is no record of how or when Maphaeus chose Dakkon to be her successor. It is possible that there may have been another forgotten sage in the line between the two. Maphaeus is worshiped by the Gorons as a lesser deity, and is often referenced or prayed to by their people before battle. In later eras she is often associated with freedom, free will, rebellion, fun, dancing, burning, and destruction.

The Return of SulkarisEdit

Maphaeus and the rest of the First Sages is targeted by Sulkaris and her Gohma armies in 126 AG. Following the death of Malkorbagia, Sulkaris invades the Death Mountain Range, traveling to Maphaeus' sanctuary and confronting her. Sulkaris reveals her death at Gustaf's hands led to the realization that their kind was not immortal, and muses that they knew all along, and exiled and vilified her all to prevent the mortals of Hyrule from knowing their vulnerability. Maphaus taunts Sulkaris by saying that she seeks revenge for being spared, to which she retorts that her plans are not petty revenge but designed to reveal the Sages and their plan for the Triforce and mortal souls. Maphaeus responds that they both know what will happen if the Triforce completes its purpose. Sulkaris reveals her plans to take the Triforce for herself and rule Hyrule, and is mocked by Maphaeus as "finally acting like a First Sage." Sulkaris orders her Shroud Walkers to fill Maphaeus' chamber with gas, then uses the Water Medallion taken from Malkorbagia to freeze the air and magma, resulting in the Sage of Fire cooling to stone, to be shattered by Sulkaris' sword. Sulkaris then gains the Fire Medallion from Maphaeus' smoldering corpse.

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