The Market is an economic building that increases the trade income of a settlement and enables the recruitment of Merchants. Markets are available to all Civilized as well as Ordona Province, Kokiri, Deku Tribes, Forces of Twilight and Sheikah Cadre.

Tiers Edit

  • Market Plaza: A series of shops that sell various goods and services within its host settlement, increasing both its economy and the happiness of people within. Allows the recruitment of Merchants. Requires Village-level settlement.
    • (Kokiri) Market Grove: Setting up shops within a Kokiri Settlement increase both its economy and the happiness of its people.
  • Fairgrounds: Installing Fairgrounds at the settlement's Market Plaza increases both the happiness of the people there as well as the settlement's income. Requires Town-level settlement.
  • Market Festival: Hosting weekly festivals at the Market Plaza further inspired happiness amongst the Settlement's citizens, as well as boosts the economy for periods of time. Requires Large Town-level settlement.
    • (Kokiri) Festive Market Grove: By hosting music and other festive events at Kokiri Market Groves, both the happiness of the people and your rupee income increases.

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