The Matriarch is the Queen of Queens of the Gohma hive.


The Matriarch is one of the oldest surviving Gohma in all of Hyrule. A massive Queen that has grown to frightening proportions, the Matriarch can lay thousands of eggs in a single day and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Though she spends most of her time in the Gohma's central hive, this powerful creature has been known to personally siege and destroy enemies that become a threat to the Gohma at large. Her powerful eye beam has been known to incinerate entire armies.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

The Matriarch was the first larval Gohma encountered by Sulkaris after she was cast out of the Sacred Realm. The Fallen Sage gifted the creature with keen intelligence and massive size, shaping it into into the central nexus of Sulkaris' will and the chief broodmother of the Gohma hive. It would remain hidden deep within the Grand Central Hive for thousands of years, birthing countless Gohma.

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

In 129 AG, the coalition forces led by Link attack Grand Central Hive in a bid to destroy Sulkaris once and for all by eradicating every last Gohma. The Matriarch comes to defend its master and spawn, and is slain in the battle, dealing a crippling blow to the Gohma Hive Mind.


Hero PowerEdit

Extends will to retreating Gohma units, connecting them back to the hive and restoring their morale.

Hero Unit Edit

Hive Amplifiers