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Middee, commonly known as Lady Middee or Lady Midnight, is the headmaster of the Bonemold Monks.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Middee is a physically superior female Twili, her body molded by a lifetime of brutal Bonemold Monk training. She boasts pulpiled red eyes like other Female Twili, signalling her Sheikah heritage and has notable blue hair.


Pre-Twili Civil War Edit

Middee's activities prior to her imprisonment are largely unknown, though she seems to have a past with Midna, as the young Queen refers to her as "another she had abandoned" much like Zant.

The Realm of TwilightEdit


Lady Middee's in-game model.

Shortly after the murder of King Mizorant and the ascension of the new Queen Midna, Middee and her Bonemold Monks are imprisoned by Midna in the jail of Valran for inciting the populace against the new regime.

When Mizorant's son Zant, disgruntled that he didn't get to be King after his father's death and seeking to reclaim his birthright, rebels against Midna, he first heads to Valran in an attempt to free Middee and have her join his forces. After Zant's army defeats the prison guards, he enters Middee's cell and promises to give everything west of Valran to her and her Monks if she joins his forces. Middee, however, claims that she could deal with the chains if she wanted, before breaking them by herself without Zant's help.

Middee then advises Zant to head next to Elmenzhia, the base of operations of the Twili Sorceresses and their leader Una. From then, she accompanies Zant in his rebellion as he defeats and imprisons Una, subjugates Veran and Morsheen in Uzu, and finally overthrows and exiles Midna herself.

Trivia Edit

Lady Middee was originally created by Deviantart user Luifex (originally Twilight-Zelda).

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