Military Buildings are the primary structures used to recruit military units by all faction excluding the Kingdom of Ikana, Stalfos and River Zora.

Kingdom of Hyrule Edit

Standard Units Edit

Recruitment Base: A Basic armory stocked with weapons and offering minimal training for new Soldier Recruits.

Small Barracks: With enough resources a Recruitment Base can be upgraded to a Small Barracks, offering both weapons and armor for Hylian infantry and ranged units.

Medium Barracks: The Medium sized Barracks adds further training facilities and quarters for soldiers, allowing the training of more unit types.

Large Barracks: Further expanding the armories and equipment of the Barracks allows the training of Hyrulean Knights, as well as keeping law in order of its host settlement.

Grand Barracks: This massive Barracks can train and host the best soldiers in the Hylian army, allowing the deployment of the mighty Iron-clad Elites.

*The Kingdom of Hyrule must control Lon Lon Ranch to produce Cavalry Units.

Siege Weaponry Edit

Siege Workshop: The expensive Siege Workshop is capable of producing Trebuchets and Repeater Crossbows for the Kingdom of Hyrule, giving them city destroying capabilities.

Gerudo Edit

Standard Units Edit

Army Outpost: This low level base can house and produce basic Gerudo soldiers.

  • Army Outpost -Stable Add on: By adding a stable to the Army outpost the Gerudo can train mounted soldiers.
  • Army Outpost - Palace Add On: Adding lavish quarters to the Army outpost allows for the training of the Gerudo's highest level of soldiers.

Archer Range: This dedicated Archer range can house and train ranged Gerudo Units.

  • Archer Range - Stable Add on: By adding a stable to the Archer Range the Gerudo can train mounted ranged units.
  • Archer Range - Gerudo Training Ground: By adding the intense Training Ground obstacle course to the Archery Range, those that survive the test can obtain Ice Arrows.

Siege Weaponry Edit

Workshop: The Workshop allows the production of Gerudo Siege units, giving them an edge when attacking enemy settlements.