Nal Ordona


Ordona Province (Capital)


Ordona Province




Strict Goddess Worship (80%), Lesser Deity Worship (20%)




Fish (1), Ordonian Goats (4)

Nal Ordona is the capital of Ordona Province, located in the Ordonian plains east of the Old Blin Kingdoms, in the very heart of the Province.


Nal Ordona was founded as a farming colony sometime shortly after the Kingdom of Hyrule was established by King Gustaf. For several thousand years the city remained autonomous and the Hylians took little interest other than sending emissaries to keep tabs. Near the reign of Princess Zelda I Nal Ordona and the entire Province was reincorporated into the Kingdom of Hyrule in order to bolster the Hylians' food supply and increase the border defence of the Ordonians. The city has been the capital of Ordona Province on and off over the centuries, and while the city has been torn down and rebuilt many times it has generally always been the same rustic farming city it was since its establishment.


The central marketplace is where invaders will have to hold their ground if they want to capture the city. There are two ways to attack Nal Ordona: from the north and south. Invading from the north will have you cover more distance to get the plaza, while attacking from the south will force you to cross the river at chokepoints. There are two bridges that cross the river for infantry to move across, but siege equipment and large creatures will have to wade slowly across the shallow areas of the river to get across. There are few chokepoints on the map, the only ones being the north and south entrance, the two bridges, and the marketplace itself. While this might seem like a drawback when you look at the neatly confined pathways of a Zuna city, this is intentional as it lets Ordona maneuver cavalry around invaders without them getting stuck in a bottleneck.

Creator's NotesEdit

Since there are more than ten people living in Ordona Province this time around, the city had to be much larger than its official counterpart in Twilight Princess. At the same time I still wanted the locale to feel small and rustic. This was done by having the city spread out, with small clusters of houses rather then one large compact city. Despite the large area of ground that is covered, you'll rarely see many houses on screen at once because of placement and use of flora. Hopefully it gives Nal Ordona that 'small farmer mudhole in the middle of nowhere' feeling while still giving the impression that a large population could exist there.