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Nardu the White, Queen of the Lizalfos








140 AG
Kingdom of Hyrule


Sacrificial Dagger

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  Nardu the White is the Queen of the Lizalfos.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Nardu is a Lizalfos matriarch with grey-black skin and scales. Most of her physical features are veiled by her iconic suit of armor crafted in homage of Dynalkulshut, the Lizalfos Goddess of Blood, though her piecing white eyes are visible.


First Golden AgeEdit

Nardu becomes the sole queen on the throne of Faron some time before 100 AG. None know how she rose to power, though it's fair to say it was accomplished through backstabbing, murder and the poisoned words of her mouth.

Gerudo WarsEdit

In 100 AG, following an attack by the Gohma and the Fallen Sage Sulkaris, the Great Deku Tree calls a meeting between the leaders of the people of the Kokiri Forest in an attempt to create an alliance to strike against the Gohma. Upon seeing the evidence provided by Kasuto - a few Gohma carapaces - Nardu refuses to believe him, considering the Gohma to be no more than a stray hive. Before Nardu leaves the meeting, Kasuto wishes her to find a good place to hide from Sulkaris.

Manifest Destiny Edit

In 133 AG, Nardu's Lizalfos capture the Hylian Princess Tetralyna Zelda V and bring her as a sacrifice to Faron Prime. Though the Lizalfos demand such royal blood be killed on the altar of Faron Prime, Nardu instead keeps the Princess alive for other means. The disgruntled Lizalfos seek out Vakat the Winged and convinces him to rebel against Nardu.

The Princess manages to escape her bonds as Nardu defends the sacrificial altar from rebellious Lizalfos, eventually confronting the reptile queen herself. Princess Zelda eventually overpowers Nardu, though from the shadows Ganondorf approaches and supresses her. It is revealed that Nardu invited Ganondorf to Faron Prime and intended to offer the Princess as a gift to him to seal an alliance between both the Lizalfos and the Gerudo. Pleased with the gift, Ganondorf accepts the treaty and announces his new cooperation with Nardu and formal declaration of war against the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Hyrule in Chaos Edit

In 170 AG Ganondorf manages to cause an uprising amongst the Gerudo enslaved by the Darknut Legion. Nardu's forces aid the Gerudo in overthrowing and enslaving Yaraxonal and the Cliff Lords.

Nardu senses his weakening spirit which comes to a climax when Ganondorf discovers the reason for his birth in the Tomb of Ganon. Having lost faith in her ally, Nardu turns on him, though he manages to defeat her and drive her away.

A Tale of Two Swords Edit

Having recouped her Lizalfos forces, Nardu receives a letter from Princess Zelda, who offers to surrender to her south of Lon Lon Ranch. However, this offer ends up being a trap - instead of Zelda, the Lizalfos and their Queen only find Akazoo's Stalfos, Hylia's Wizzrobes and the Gerudo, led by an enraged Ganondorf, waiting for them - all of them having been deceived by Zelda. Taking advantage of the fighting, Zelda's Hylians and Yaraxonal's Darknuts utterly crush all four armies. It is during the onslaught that Nardu the White is killed, ending her tyrannical reign and fracturing the Lizalfos.