The "Necromantic Civilization" was an incredibly ancient culture notable for first discovering the art of Necromancy.

History Edit

The Civilization existed in an extremely ancient time in Hyrule's history, occupying an area that now consists of the Gerudo Desert.

The identity and details of the inhabitants of this Civilization are largely lost to history, with their only surviving traces being and handful of secret libraries and crypts hidden deep below Hyrule. They are known to have had multiple enemies, whom destroyed much of their forbidden knowledge.

At least two remnants of the species and their undead servants survive- the Staldra and Stallord. The products of far more advanced necromancy, these undead beings posses more intelligence and mobility than their modern cousins. Despite rumors that Stallord is in fact a member of the race that ruled this Civilization, it is unknown if it was merely another undead creation.

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