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New Hyrule is a playable faction in Great Sea: Total War. It is the successor state of the Kingdom of Hyrule and Lanayru Province.


With the realm of Hyrule in ruins, many have set out to find new lands. The Kingdom of Hyrule and Lanayru Province worked together to construct an exploratory fleet that would traverse the ocean in search of new land and resources. Lead by Tetra, the previous Princess of the Kingdom of Hyrule and her loyal knight Link, the new Hylian Navy has set out to explore and colonise the Great Sea.

Tetra and her forces were quickly unwelcome to the Great Sea by Gerudo and Ocean Blin Pirates, forcing them to dig in on Outset Island and establish a base of operations. From there the new Hylian forces gather armies from Hyrule and set out to explore the Great Sea by force, uncovering lost technology of the Lokomo and Oshus Empire.

Tetra's forces are rather outgunned by the more established empires in the Great Sea, though she has the advantage of requesting support from the Kingdom of Hyrule by summoning units from their roster in Hyrule: Total War. Being an exploratory force, Tetra also has access to swift scouts and spies, as well as a rather speedy navy. While Tetra's navy is competent, it is dwarfed by some of the more established ocean going empires.

Strengths, Weaknesses and AbilitiesEdit

  • New Hyrule can summon reinforcements from the Kingdom of Hyrule. These reinforcements are units from their roster in Hyrule: Total War.
  • New Hyrule has exceptional land and sea scouts that can both outrun and outmanoeuvre most other units in battle.
  • Navy is lacking in ramming/melee power and resistances to ramming and melee attacks.



Siege WeaponryEdit




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