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The Forsaken

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The Forsaken are a playable faction in the Great Sea expansion of Hyrule Conquest.


When the Goddess Hylia defeated Demise and scorched the Moblin homelands centuries past, a group of Moblins fled Hyrule and took to the seas. These Blin eventually settled on the northwestern islands of the Great Sea and maintained a primitive empire. When the first wave of Hylian explorers arrived several hundred years ago these Moblins violently killed them and stole their ships, eventually learning how to build and operate the craft. Soon after these Moblins took to the seas and began raiding and pillaging other peoples such as the Anouki and Rito.

In current times, Moblin colonists of Hyrule had set out to explore the Great Sea and came into contact with their Ocean Blin cousins. Consolidating their resources, the Moblins of Hyrule have upgraded and outfitted the Ocean Blin ships with better weaponry and manpower. Now led by Malladus, the Ocean Blins seek to become an established empire rather than a collection of pirates and raiders.

The Ocean Blins pack a powerful close ranged navy. Many of their ships are equipped to ram into enemy ships and are rather sturdy. On land they display many of the same advantages that their Moblin cousins had: adept at charging into and trampling enemies head on. The Ocean Blins are lacking in ranged firepower however: both on land and at sea. Their ships can be outgunned by archers and cannons if they don't manage to close the gap.



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