An Officer is an individual soldier who leads a unit.

Gameplay Edit

The only function of officers is to serve as a rally point for all individual soldiers within a unit: if a unit's officer is killed, there is a high probability that said unit will suffer morale loss or rout. In addition, if there's no General in an army, then the officer of the most experienced unit in the army will be temporarily promoted to Captain to lead it.

Officers Edit

Faction Name Image Info
Kingdom of Hyrule Champion Knight
Champ knight
Champion Knights were a select order that trained in leadership and guidance. As such they were quite adept at commanding groups of soldiers in the thick of battle while being able to perform themselves on the frontlines.
Gerudo Master Thief
In the harsh desert, thievery was often the best means of survival, and the Gerudo were the undisputed champions. Master Thieves could pickpocket, murder, command, and engage in all-out melee.
Zora Dominion Field Nurse
Field nurse
Field Nurses were trained for rapid response in warzones. Their primary duty was to determine quickly if a soldier could be saved, and then quickly bandage them up before moving unto the next. They were also trained in basic combat as well, allowing them to fight off aggressors.
Gorons Drummer
Gorons were famous drummers and dancers, and some of their most talented players would direct soldiers to battle with their beats. These drummers could keep Gorons in marching order and morale high as they entered into warzone.
Kokiri Supply Carrier
Supply Carriers carried large backpacks full of extra rations and medical equipment for their units. After a long march or particularly gruelling battle they could replenish a Kokiri army bit by bit.
Gohma Gohma Princess
Young heirs to the metaphorical Gohma thrones, a Gohma Princess had some level of autonomy that other Gohma lacked, and could in turn receive and command the will of a hive to a limited degree. A Gohma Princess was often paired with several hundred Gohma to maintain a stable connection with the rest of the hive.
Ordona Province Fief Lord
Fief Lords were the only members of Ordona who legally owned land, often with a dozen Yeomen sunder his or her lordship. Fief Lords also had rudimentary military experience; a talent that when combined with their natural job of bossing people around made them excellent officers for managing Province troops.
Sheikah Cadre Shogun
Shoguns were Sheikah fully devoted to command and combat. A lone Shogun could guide an entire group of Sheikah into a warzone, while taking out enemy forces themselves.
Tokay One-WIth-Shirt
Tokay with shirt
Tokay authority is not determined by one's skill at the job, but rather by who has better clothes. Tokay that have managed to make or find shirts hold command positions over those that don't.
Storm Zora Tidemaster
Gorons of Rolling Ridge Stonebuster
Labrynna Regime Sargeant
Sargeants were individual soldiers who had seen some level of combat and training in academic military command. They would lead groups of units into battle, improving their performance, formation, and attack patterns so long as they stood.
Fairies of Tarm Radiant Fairy
Radiant Fairy
Radiant Fairies were rare members of their race that displayed several, and sometimes all colors instead of just one. The Fairies themselves seemed to elevate this individuals, giving them positions of power in both civil and war matters.
Lizalfos Monitor
Lizalfos Monitors were assigned to watch over and assure that all other soldiers were performing their orders in battle. With a large and colorful display of feathers signifying their rank, a Monitor was never question by those under their command.
Deku Tribes Hornling
The musical chirps and sounds of the Scrubs' language served them well on the battlefield. Hornlings brought a large Deku Horn with them to loudly and clearly give commands to the soldiers under their command. Although the Horns sounded confusing and obnoxious to outsiders, its bass utterance carried with it the unfolding plans of a Scrub army.
Lanayru Province Marshal
Marshals were soldiers of Lanayru who had actual academic and field experience in battle. With such a large and unprofessional army they ere invaluable for guiding troops and directing them in engagements.
Stalfos ReDead Knight
ReDead Knights were the animated corpses of famed captains, generals and other past leaders. Unlike most undead, they were given some level of autonomy and could use their past experience to guide their mindless counterparts in battle.
Order of the Wizzrobe Celebrant
Celebrants were long standing Acolytes of the Order and saw to the training and recruitment of new generations of followers. In battle they could direct and guide a small handful of soldiers.
Moblins Moblin Boss
Moblin Bosses were directly in charge of subjugating other Blin races and seeing that they obeyed the wishes of the local Warlord. In battle they would guide, direct, and punish selections of soldiers regardless of race.
Darknut Legion Mighty
Darknut Mighties were soldiers of the Legion who had accomplished one heroic deed witnessed by others in their career. All lesser soldiers looked up to them, but did not quite worship these individuals. Nonetheless, Mighties lead Darknuts into battle and kept them fighting in order.
Zuna Zuna Vizier
Picori Minish Kinsir
Minish Officer

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