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Onan is a Darknut who works as an ambassador with Agahnim.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Onan is rather short for a Darknut, standing not much taller than a Hylian, and is characterized by brown fur and red eyes. He is notably calmer and more diplomatic in his demeanor than most Darknuts.

Personality Edit

Onan stands out among his kind as a progressive and skilled ambassador, open to other ideologies and cultures beyond the rigid lifestyle of the Legion's Code. He is calculating and perceptive, being the only participant at the Battle for Hyrule Prime to truly notice Agahnim's transformation into an Avatar of Majora. He believes the Darknut creed is flawed and too stubborn in its ideals and demands reconstruction.



Onan's in-game model.

Gerudo WarsEdit

In 99 AG, after the Gerudo conquer Hyrule Prime from the Kingdom of Hyrule, Agahnim forces them to cede it to the Darknuts as part of their contract, and orders Onan to command the garrison taking control of the city.

A few months after the sack of Hyrule Castle Town, the Sage of Shadows Impa is captured by the Darknuts and thrown into a newly-constructed arena, where, according to Darknut customs, she'll be given a Darknut weapon and put against Darknut warriors while Vaati, Agahnim and Onan watch the fight from the VIP seats.

After Impa defeats all three challengers, Agahnim's daughter, the young Princess Oraiya Zelda IV, appears and begs him to stop the war and tell the Darknuts to leave. When Agahnim says it's impossible, Zelda declares she no longer recognizes her father, while the Sheikah and the imprisoned Hylian garrison openly revolt against the Darknuts.

As the Darknuts start losing the battle, Onan notices two horns growing on Agahnim's head. After Agahnim is killed by Impa, Vaati orders Onan and the entire Darknut garrison to retreat west. In a last ditch effort to escape, Vaati captures Princess Oraiya Zelda IV as a hostage before fleeing back to Ontheon.

At Ontheon, Onan reports his findings about Agahnim's horns to Vaati. Vaati reproaches Onan for not having told him earlier, before dismissing him from his chamber.

Onan survives the battle after Ontheon falls to the Hylians and the Gorons.