Darknut Legion (Capital)


Gerudo Cliffs




Lesser Deity Worship (100%)





Ontheon is the capital of the Darknut Legion, located to the far west of Hyrule, in the Gerudo Desert.

Etymology Edit

The name Ontheon is likely a corruption of the Darknut phrase Onth Arkeon meaning house of lords.


An ancient city built into the Gerudo Cliffs, Ontheon is almost as old as recorded history. It has long served as the throne of current Darknut Deities and the center of control for all military operations. It is unknown exactly how long the city took to build but there is no doubt centuries of engineering and construction were involved. Ontheon has never been successfully invaded by anyone, and very few non-Darknuts have ever been inside the city. Not even the Fokka and Zuna, close allies of the Darknuts, are let inside except on rare occasions. Most of the city's activity takes place underground and in the cliffs that the settlement is built on, giving the surface an oddly desolate feeling. This was intentional of the Darknuts though; sandstorms frequently pass through the area from the north that would disrupt everyday life.


Ontheon is a massive fortress that requires serious time and dedication to invade. The city can be attacked by all types of units from the North, West, and South, while only infantry can climb the ramparts on the city's eastern cliff face. All of these entrances lead to the upper plateau, from which the only way to the plaza is along a spiral pathway that bottlenecks at the west of the city. While this pathway is not exactly narrow it will limit the number advantage most races have over the Darknuts. If Zuna Crossbowmen are in the ranks of a defending Darknut army there are seven balconies that they can station themselves on to unleash their firepower from extended distances. Ultimately siege weaponry and well micromanaged cavalry will shine most here when invading. Infantry are in for a long drawn out test of endurance as they face row upon row of Darknut armour on their way to the stained glass palace.


Ontheon appears briefly at the start of the second Hyrule Historia mission, Windbreaker, when the Darknuts, manipulated by Vaati, mobilise their forces to attack and take the power of the Wind Tribe.

Creator's NotesEdit

Verticality and massiveness was something I went for here. Because the engine's camera likes to break on levels with extreme vertical inclines the level had to be carefully designed to avoid that issue becoming too annoying. While technically the Black Tower in Labrynna is much taller, Ontheon is the tallest settlement in the game that players must ascend to capture. Like Zunayus there are dozens of balconies that infantry can move upon here, though since the Darknuts are not that archer heavy they are designed to allow swift movement between key ares of the fortress.