Oraiya Zelda Nohansen IV


Oraiya Zelda Nohansen IV


Princess, Sheik






Princess Mahrala Zelda III (mother)
Agahnim (father)
General Kazakk (husband)
Princess Tetralyna Zelda V (daughter)


85 AG



Royal Estoc, Sheikah Kunai, Sheikah Washikazi

Music Themes

Oraiya Zelda Nohansen IV, also called by her father Zellie, is the fourth Princess of Hyrule to carry the name Zelda and is an important figure during the Gerudo Wars and later Labrynna's invasion of Hyrule.


Oraiya under the guise of Sheik

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Oraiya Zelda is a female Hylian of ancient blood, roughly 6 feet 1 inch tall. She displays very long light blonde hair, red eyes and fair skin. Due to being born with red Sheikah eyes, she was magically altered by her father Agahnim to appear to have blue eyes throughout her reign. She is incredibly athletic, possible due to her Sheikah heritage. As she ages more slowly due to her Sheikah bloodline, she retains the physical appearance of a child into her mid-teens, and has the appearance of a young woman in her prime at the age of 40.

After her mortal injury by Akazoo, Oraiya begins the process of becoming undead to save her life. In her Sheikah guise signs of her mummifying body are slowly becoming evident as her hair turns white and one of her eyes has gone milky white. In undeath Oriaya's intact eye is no longer concealed by her father's magic, being revealed as crimson.


Oraiya is a very shy and introverted individual, preferring to keep to herself and having little interaction with others. This continues well into her reign over Hyrule and leads to many rumors from the populace. Though anti social, those that know her are aware of her very kind personality and her respect of all life.


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First Golden AgeEdit

Oraiya Zelda is born to Princess Zelda III and the Sheikah wizard Agahnim. Though she had Sheikah blood Oraiya's eyes remains blue, possibly through magical intervention from Agahnim. Oraiya grows up rather sheltered and notably antisocial compared to her predecessors.

When Princess Zelda III ascends to the throne, Agahnim's Sheikah heritage is discovered and he is labelled a traitor for violating the Sheikah blood pact. He is forced to use the Eye of Truth to destroy all knowledge of his marriage to Princess Zelda III - only Mahrala and Oraiya retain memories of him as their husband and father.

The Gerudo WarsEdit

When Gerudo forces under the command of Ganondorf attack Hyrule Prime, Princess Zelda III orders Impa to evacuate her daughter alongside the civilians to the safety at Vigjaro. After Ganondorf kills her mother and conquers the capital, he is immediately forced to retreat and let Agahnim and the Darknut Legion occupy it, then goes on to conquer town after town, under the guidance of Agahnim.

During her exile, Princess Zelda IV devises a plan to kill Agahnim and liberate the Kingdom of Hyrule. When she tells this to Rauru, he is horrified, saying he doesn't want her to have to put herself at risk or become a killer. Zelda assures him she doesn't want to kill her father but finds his death necessary to stop Ganondorf, at which point Rauru only says he couldn't stop the Princess of Hyrule but he won't aid her either.

While Agahnim, along with Vaati and Onan, is watching Impa (who has allowed herself to be captured) fighting gladiator games, Zelda comes to offer him a proposal to spare both the Gerudo and Darknuts should they leave her kingdom immediately. Agahnim tells her that the war was to repair the damage the Sheikah did to their family, but Oraiya begs him to stop, telling him that he was directly responsible for Mahrala's death. When Agahnim decides that he must see the war through to the end, Oraiya proclaims that she no longer recognises her father, before Impa, Kazakk, Akazoo, the Sheikah and the Hylian garrison openly rebel against him.

Agahnim makes his last stand in front of Hyrule Castle, killing any Sheikah who dare approach him, even managing to incapacitate Impa herself. As Agahnim prepares for the kill, Princess Zelda calls him 'Father', causing him to abandon Impa and run towards his daughter instead, giving Impa enough time to recover and stab him in the heart. Agahnim spends his last moments embracing his daughter before falling into Termina.

With Agahnim dead and Ganondorf's forces in retreat, Oraiya is swiftly kidnapped by Vaati and taken as a hostage to the Darknut Cathedral of Ontheon. There she remains trapped until a Hylian army lead by General Kazakk and Rauru rescues her.

Second Golden AgeEdit

Despite her youthful appearance, a 16 year-old Oraiya assumes the throne after the Gerudo Wars are resolved. Impa spends time in secret to train the Princess in various Sheikah arts, as well as serving as an advisor to the throne. Eventually Oraiya marries General Kazakk in 104 AG, giving birth to their daughter Tetralyna Zelda V a year later. From a young age, Tetralyna has been suffering from strange nightmares that leave her burned. However, nobody else can see the flames and everyone, including Oraiya, just considers them to be a figment of her hyperactive imagination.

The Return of SulkarisEdit


Princess Zelda IV stabbed by Akazoo

In 126 AG, Princess Zelda IV and her daughter go on a vacation in Malkariko only to find it under attack by the Gohma, behind whom Impa suspects the involvement of Sulkaris herself. As the Hylian army starts getting overwhelmed by the Gohma, Princess Zelda IV orders Tetralyna to hide until Impa returns. However, the person that comes is not Impa, but General Akazoo. Oraiya asks Akazoo on how the Hylian army is doing, but he does not answer and instead reveals himself as a traitor, telling her how much he hated her and her husband Kazakk. Zelda IV, reacting in self-defense when he tries to touch her, stabs Akazoo in the cheek with a Sheikah Kunai. Much to her horror, Akazoo survives and removes the dagger along with part of his face, and uses it to stab Oraiya herself, believing that he has killed her.

Despite her mortal wound, Oraiya manages to keep herself alive using an ancient Sheikah process taught to her by Impa that extends her lifespan at the risk of becoming a ReDead if she fails. She hides her identity under the disguise of a Sheikah named Sheik. Now living by the alias Sheik, Oraiya watches over her daughter as she takes the throne.

Manifest DestinyEdit

When Labrynna begins an invasion against Ordona Province and the Kingdom of Hyrule, she quickly approaches her daughter and aids in leading a counterattack against Queen Ambi. During the assault on the Black Tower, Sheik helps Link ward off Veran, reveals her identity to him, and makes him promise not to expose it to her daughter. She gives Link a key to her personal vault to pass on to her daughter. After Link promises not to tell Tetralyna that her mother was alive, she goes into hiding again.

Hyrule in ChaosEdit


Hylian Infantry

Hero AbilityEdit

Sheikah Training: Princess Zelda IV and her bodyguards gain a temporary chance to instantly kill their targets.

Traits Edit

Proper Morals

Behaves in a noble and proper way without prompting.

+1 Authority, 20% increase to cost to bribe, +1 to unrest (has a negative effect on public order), +1 to law (improves public order)


Doesn't let their emotions show, making them at least appear calm in crisis.

100% increase to cost to bribe


This person is simply a bit too innocent to understand why others would ever do anything that underhanded.

-1 from personal security (increases the chances of falling victim to assassination)

Political Promise

Showing interest and promise in the deadly games of politics.

+1 Authority

Loyal Beyond Question

Thoughts of betrayal do not enter this person's mind, it is not something they is capable of.

+3 Chivalry, +4 Loyalty

Unlucky Leader

This person's belief in victory is inspirational for their men, even if it has proven to be a little unrealistic.

-1 Command, +2 Morale for all troops on the battlefield

Preceded by:
(as King of Hyrule)
Princess of Hyrule
101 AG - 126 AG
Succeeded by:
(as King of Hyrule)

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