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Ordona Province (Pronounced Ord-on-a) is a planned playable faction in Hyrule Conquest.


Established as a vassal state of the Kingdom of Hyrule, Ordona Province grew to become the most powerful agrarian nation in all of history. What they lacked in military might they made up for with a powerful economy fueled by crops, livestock, and some of the finest brew this side of Lake Hylia. Motivated by hard work and having a good time, the people of Ordona Province were nonetheless some of the toughest folks around.

Ordonians Edit

The Ordonians are the descendents of Ancient Hylians unburdened by the keeping of pure bloodlines. They displayed a much larger variety of features from their Hylian cousins, everything from skin tone to hair and eye colors. A notable trait of the Ordonians was their rounded ears, a trait passed on to all their children even if one parent is of Hylian blood. As a result it was considered quite taboo (and in some circles, outright illegal) for Hylian and Ordonian marriages to take place for fear of a Hylian genocide.

Traits Edit

Faction Type Edit

  • Generalist

The Ordonians were not particularly militant and had no real standard for military production or deployment. They were nearly improvisational with their tactics, deploying whatever they could when faced with threats.

Faction Military Focus Edit

  • Cavalry/Infantry

Ordona Province deployed a large variety of mounted warriors, both on the backs of goats and horses. This large cavalry force was backed up with unprofessional infantry in the form of militias and civilian rabbles.

Racial Bonuses/Penalties Edit

  • Combat Performance in Snow +1
  • All Generals have Farming +1 and Local Popularity +1
  • First-Level Farms are free and generate 10% additional food
  • Combat Performance in Deserts -1
  • All Generals have Management -1 and Defense -1

Culture Edit

  • Civilized

Ordona Province was largely agrarian and worker-class. Despite this they maintained a proper and civilized nation.

  • Strict Goddess Worship

Ordonians worshipped the three Goddesses of Hyrule. Despite numerous iconography of the spirit known as Ordona, they Ordonians themselves did not recognize the being as a true deity, rather a servant of the Goddesses themselves.



Citizen Soldiers Edit


Siege WeaponryEdit

Hero UnitsEdit


Legendary FigureEdit

Language Edit

Ordonains speak a distinct dialect of the Hylian language, a descendant of Ancient Hylian, much like their Hylian cousins. The Ordonian dialect is fully intelligible with the standard Hylian used by the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Society Edit

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

Ordona Province began as the Ancient Hylian colony of Nal Ordona. In 5000 BG, the armies of Hyrule assembled in the small farming settlement in a bid to lure Sulkaris' Gohma into a trap on the plains of Ordona. Over the following millennia, Ordona remained a vital agrarian province of the Kingdom of Hyrule. Its Ancient Hylian citizens were unconcerned with perpetuating the traits associated with Hylians, creating a vastly different variety of physical traits and genetic diversity. At some point a mutation causing rounded ears became dominant among the Ordonians, this trait in fact will be present in a child even if one parent is a pure hylian.

First Golden Age Edit

Ordona Province was granted semi-autonomy by Princess Nylin Zelda I during her reign.

Tech TreeEdit

Ordona Province's techtree is very decentralized, perhaps to capture their lack of professional training and military organization. Many of their units require separate buildings to be set up, though these buildings often benefit the settlement in other ways in addition to training their soldiers. With a few exceptions Ordona Province has access to most of their units at rather small settlement sizes as well.



  • Ordona Farms: Land set aside for growing crops. Allows the population of a city to grow as well as increasing its economy. Can also deploy basic farmer units.
  • Animal Ranch: Large fenced off area of land dedicated to housing various animals, such as Horses and Goats. Allows the training of various animal and mounted units. Scales in size as settlement increases in size.
  • Militia Base: Large house converted to an armory loaded with very basic armor and weaponry. Can summon Militamen.
  • Gardens: A simply plot of land devoted to flora, Gardens increase the health of their host settlement as well as the happiness of those that live there.
  • Bar: Often the center of entertainment and social gatherings in small Ordonian towns, a bar helps improve the happiness of all the workers who toil day in and out.
  • Bazaar: A basic shop that can be set up early on, the Bazaar sells any extra supplies or items produced by its host settlement.
  • Lumber Mill: Lumber Mills can be set up in settlements that border forests and greatly boost economy and reduce the build costs of wooden structures.


  • Fertile Ordona Farms: With better fertilization techniques these Ordona Farms are able to yield a larger crop for their host settlements, improving population growth.
  • Ranger Base:Usually set up far away on the borders of the Province, a Ranger Base can be established inside settlements. Provides added defense to host settlement and allows the training of Rangers.
  • Market Plaza: A series of shops that sell various goods and services within its host settlement, increasing both its economy and the happiness of people within.
  • Inn: By expanding the town's Bar into an Inn, travelers can visit the settlement and social gatherings can expand, increasing the happiness of its host settlement.
  • Milk Distributor: By Offering the sale of Lon Lon Milk at the Town's Bazaar, the city's economy is greatly aided and happiness of its citizens soars.
  • Lumber Mill - Housing Add On: By setting up houses around the Lumber Mill, its workers are able to report to work faster and increase production. Also allows Lumberjacks to be deployed.


  • Arrayed Ordona Farms: By combining the resources of several Ordona Farms together they are able to collectively yield a much larger crop, improving population growth.
  • Ranger Base - Hawk Roost Add-On: By adding a Hawk Roost on top of the Ranger Base's watch towers, Ordona Province can train and deploy Hawkmen.
  • Fairgrounds: Installing Fairgrounds at the settlement's Market Plaza increases both the happiness of the people there as well as the settlement's income.
  • Tavern: Expanding the capabilities of the Inn makes it a hot spot for social gatherings and nightlife in its host city. Happiness amongst the people is greatly increased.
  • Lumber Mill Saw Belt: Adds a cutting saw to the Lumber Mill, increasing the speed it can cut up trees.

Large TownEdit

  • Ordona Farm Network: By linking all Ordona Farms together with an irrigation network and supportive fertilization effort, these farms are able to yield their best crops to support the populations of cities.
  • Siege Workshop: The expensive Siege Workshop is capable of producing Catapults and Breaths of Ordona for the Province, giving them city destroying capabilities.
  • Market Festival: Hosting weekly festivals at the Market Plaza further inspired happiness amongst the Settlement's citizens, as well as boosts the economy for periods of time.
  • Lumber Mill Network: Adds additional Lumber Mills that work together to cut down forests.
  • Tourney Fields: The Ordonians host championship duels between their mounted soldiers. Increases the happiness of citizens as well as the rank of trained cavalry.


  • Plantation: A massive farm and self contained community that provides excellent crops and products for its host settlement.
  • Spirit of Ordona Festival: By hosting an annual Spirit of Ordona Festival at the Market Plaza, citizens have a goal to work for every year. The Spirit of Ordona Festival dramatically increases happiness and the income of a city.
  • Lumber Yard: A Large Yard that houses wood unsuitable for building. Scraps are used to enhance Ordona's Military, allowing units to train at the first Upgrade level.

Large CityEdit

  • Foreign Armor Market: Ordona Province sets up additional shops in their Market Plaza dedicated to buying armors and weapons from foreign nations. Extra armors allow units to train at their second Upgrade level.

Trivia Edit


Ordona's original symbol concpet.

  • Ordona Province's original faction symbol was a stylized grain stalk or flower, rather than the stylized head of an Ordonian Goat.

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