Hyrule Historia
Mission #17
The Fall of Hyrule

Ordonian Omen is the seventeenth Hyrule Historia mission and the first one in the Gerudo Wars arc. Supplies and trade from Ordona Province have suddenly stopped. Princess Zelda III, yearning for time away from her duty as leader of Hyrule, decides to personally investigate the issue with her top General and army of Ironclad. Princess Zelda will have to battle a blockade of Gerudo and Darknuts that have taken over the Province, as well as an army of Undead that have risen in the city.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 17 Playthrough24:52

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 17 Playthrough


  • Midna: Since the time the Dark Interlopers were banished until Zant's invasion, only a generation had passed in Hyrule.
  • Midna: Though an age of peace had blessed the land in this time, war was ready to erupt upon its people near its end...
  • Midna: In the depths of the Kokiri Forest, a being called the Great Deku Tree created a race of child-like beings.
  • Midna: Though peaceful, an ancient enemy would soon disrupt their innocence.
  • Midna: Petty skirmishes between the Gorons and Zora broke out over the riches of Death Mountain.
  • Midna: Hatred between the two races had grown over the decades and war was inevitable.
  • Midna: Ganon's curse had dealt irreversible damage to the Gerudo people.
  • Midna: Time and time again they failed to give birth to males, and soon they all died off.
  • Midna: Except for one man, born nearly a century after Ganon's death.
  • Midna: This phantom of Ganon's curse would lead the Gerudo people, and save them from extinction at any cost.
  • Midna: Even if that cost was war...

POV switches to a Hylian army marching towards Ordona.

  • General Kazakk: A watch should have greeted us by now.
  • Princess Zelda: Do you believe Ordona Province would rebel, General Kazakk?
  • General Kazakk: I was born and raised in Nal Ordona.
  • General Kazakk: The people there have no ill will against the Royal Family.
  • Akazoo: I'm willing to bet they were attacked.
  • General Kazakk: Who would attack them Akazoo?
  • General Kazakk: Moblins have skirmished their borders but would never dare invite Hylian attention.

At Nal Ordona, Zelda, Kazakk and Akazoo find the local Ordonians fighting Gerudo.

  • Princess Zelda: Gerudo...
  • Akazoo: Looks like I won that bet.
  • Princess Zelda: Ironclad... prepare for battle!


Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Kingdom of Hyrule
Ordona Province
Darknut Legion
The Sheikah Cadre


After Akazoo kills a Gerudo, Ganondorf raises his hand. The killed Gerudo's flesh melts from her skeleton, which comes back to (un)life. Many other Gerudo follow suit.


  • Mayor Bo: I am honoured that you would grace us down here personally, Princess Zelda the third.
  • Princess Zelda: It is the Sheikah who deserve most of the credit, Mayor Bo.
  • Azrily: Thank you, but I did not come down here to save farmers.
  • Azrily: I came here to recall you, your highness.
  • Princess Zelda: What is your name commander?
  • Azrily: I am Azrily and I come on behalf of Sage Impa.
  • Azrily: Lord Agahnim is preparing to declare war on the Gerudo and side with the Zora.
  • Azrily: Normally we would assume he was carrying out your orders...
  • Azrily: Except that he ordered me to incapacitate you and your daughter.
  • Princess Zelda: Is my daughter safe?
  • Azrily: Impa would be here herself were she not seeing to that.
  • Princess Zelda: This is not like Agahnim to suddenly usurp the throne...
  • Princess Zelda: What would cause him to have such a change of heart?
  • Azrily: I do not know his motives your highness, only that he has exceeded his authority.
  • Princess Zelda: This Gerudo attack was no coincidence... (leaves)

POV switches to Akazoo.

  • Akazoo: It's not a legend... immortality is real.
  • General Kazakk: I would not call this living forever.
  • General Kazakk: The dead should stay dead as the Goddesses intended.
  • General Kazakk: These Stalfos are evil in their eyes.
  • Akazoo: But sir...
  • General Kazakk: Take your mind off of it Akazoo.
  • General Kazakk: This is not immortality, this is damnation.
  • General Kazakk: Only the Goddesses can grant life.

POV switches to Ganondorf and Nabooru.

  • Nabooru: Next time you plan on raising the dead, warn us first!
  • Ganondorf: I am sorry Nabooru. I lost control of them.
  • Ganondorf: The next time we attack here I will warn you beforehand.
  • Nabooru: Forget it, Agahnim just gave the order.
  • Ganondorf: It is time to attack Hyrule Castle?
  • Nabooru: Yes.

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