Panacle Cove


Zora Uprising


Central Lanayru Province



Lesser Deity Worship



Panacle Cove is a rebel Lanayru Zora settlement in Eastern Lanayru, 28 miles from Airu.

History Edit

Panacle Cove was among the first Zora settlement on the Lanayru coast, founded in cooperation with Hylian settlers.

The city is home to a branch of the Cult of Malkorbagia, a heretical belief system based in Greshou, originally the Zora Dominion that reveres Malkorbagia as a deity.

In 126 AG, a little over a month after the fall of Malkariko, Panacle Cove is attacked by Sulkaris' Gohma and its populace slaughtered. As the Gohma begins converting the city to their needs, Kazakk's army and Lanayru forces lure the many nesting Arurodas in the region to attack the them. The plan is interrupted by Sulkaris' interference, who is subsequently convinced to move on by Liyer. With the Gohma departed, the city is briefly occupied by Hylian and Lanayru forces, before they continue marching west to avoid the Order of the Wizzrobe's armies.

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