Phantom of Tarm

Phantoms of Tarm are mysterious, ghost-like, nightmarish creatures affiliated with the Fairies of Tarm.


Many legends surround these spectral nightmares. Those that have wandered into the Tarm Woods have reported being haunted by these creatures, as well as witnessing nightmares and other events of their own past while in their presence.

History Edit

The Return of Sulkaris Edit

In 126 AG, Saria nearly falls prey to a Phantom of Tarm in a remote region of the Kokiri Forest, being subjected to vivid memories of her past. She falls unconscious but is rescued by Kasuto before she is completely drawn in by the Phantom.


Name Description
Nightmarish Extremely terrifying to all enemies without No Fear
Nimble Footing 25% increased chance to parry melee attacks
Stealth Can hide anywhere
Numerous Larger troop count