The Picori, more commonly known as Minish, as well as the more archaic Picorou in their language, are a Guild available to factions in Hyrule: Total War.

Physiology Edit

Minish are diminutive, mouselike humanoids similar to Kokiri in appearance, complete with large, movable ears. While individually no threat to the larger races of Hyrule, reaching no more than 1' tall, in massive numbers they be deadly to vastly larger beings.

History Edit

Ancient Age Edit

The Minish originated in the Picorou Woods in the eastern Kokiri Forest. They quickly established a vast empire all across Hyrule, with the Picorou Ruins in Kokiri forest being one of the few noticeable traces of their civilization. Throughout history the Minish's individual size made their power and influence irrelevant to everyone else. During the height of ther Minish's tiny civilization, a powerful sorcerer named Vaati, set out to explore the world and was possessed by a Druthulidi after making a pact with it in exchange for power. Vaati was slowly subsumed by the Demon until nothing of his ego remained, and with its new host, the Druthulidi set about to destroy the Minish civilization.

Empire Bonus Edit

  • We Are Everywhere: The entire campaign map is revealed.

Units Edit

Standard Edit

Command Edit


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