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In Hyrule: Total War and its expansions, the player assumes the role of a nameless general guiding the military forces of one the the factions vying for power. In the Freeform Campaign, the Player will be assigned a title based on their factional allegiance.

Kingdom of Hyrule: High Commander

Gerudo: Leader

Gorons: Patriarch

Zora Dominion: Supreme Admiral

Kokiri: Chieftain

Gohma: Manifest

The Deku Tribes: High Chieftain

Sheikah Cadre: Fellow Sheikah

Darknut Legion: Warrior

Labrynna Regime: Lord

Lanayru Province: Lord

Lizalfos: Matriarch

Moblins: Boss

Ordona Province: Goat Lord

River Zora: Sir

Stalfos: Lord

Fairies of Tarm: Great One

Forces of Twilight: Master

Kingdom of Ikana: Lord

Order of the Wizzrobe: Headmaster

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