Priests are a type of agent in Hyrule: Total War's freeform campaign.

Acquisition Edit

A Priest costs 500 rupees and requires at least a Temple of their associated religion to recruit. All Strict Goddess Worship factions can recruit priests.

Function Edit

The main stat of a Priest unit is Piety, which increases their religious conversion effect and their chance to denounce heretics/witches. A Priest will convert the surrounding region to their faction's religion, which will increase public order if the faction in control shares the same religion and increase unrest it if they do not.

When the percentage of the population in a settlement worshiping their home faction's religion reaches certain thresholds, said settlement will also be able to build better and better religious buildings of said faith, which further increase the rate of conversion and give other bonuses.

Gohma Hive AmplifiersEdit

Hive Amplifiers, a breed of Gohma that could project the will of the hive into surrounding regions, serve as the Gohma equivalent of priests. In addition to doing a Priest's normal functions, an experienced Hive Amplifier could call down an infestation on a target enemy city during which a Gohma Queen could elect to participate. Armies on an infestation can move much farther per turn, have 0 upkeep for the duration, and can recruit certain creatures like Arurodas and Tektites as if they were mercenaries.

Wizzrobe BishopsEdit

The Order of the Wizzrobe fields unique priests known as Bishops, who are vital to Wizzrobe expansion. As Wizzrobe Influence increases in a city from the Bishop offering his services and ideals to townsfolk, its unrest dramatically increases as they grow to like the Wizzrobes rather than their own government. If the state of Law in the city falls under 70%, the city will instantly rebel, allowing the Wizzrobes to move in and take it without having to declare war. This naturally makes the Wizzrobe Bishop the most important unit in a Wizzrobe force early on in the game. Players will want to train as many of them from your Cathedral as possible and send them to key territories they'll want down the road. This method has the added benefit of working against every faction with the exception of the Gohma and Stalfos, allowing the Wizzrobes to spread out into areas of the campaign map early on rather than cluster themselves near the Hylian descended factions.


Faction Name Image Traits
Kingdom of Hyrule Goddess Deacon Goddessdeacon Religiously Devoted (+1 Piety, +1 Purity)

Intolerant (+3 Orthodoxy, +1 Violence)
Chosen of the Goddesses (+1 Eligibility for Sagehood)

Gorons Cleric Cleric Worships Power (+1 Piety, +1 Orthodoxy)

Jovial (+1 Charm, -1 Violence)

Gohma Hive Amplifier Hivemamplifier Will of the Hive (+1 Influence)

Combat Proficiency (+2 Violence)

Ordona Province Reverend Reverend Passionate Believer (+1 Piety, +1 Movement)

Cautious (+1 Personal Security)

Lanayru Province Missionary Missionary Abhors Violence (-3 Violence)

Interfaith Dialogue (-1 Violence)

Stalfos Vicar Vicar Tempter (+1 Violence)

Unholy (+1 Violence, -1 Orthodoxy, -100% Eligibility to Sagehood)

Deku Tribes Witch Doctor
Tempter (+1 Violence)

Unholy (+1 Violence, -1 Orthodoxy, -100% Eligibility to Sagehood)

Darknut Legion Fanatic Fanatic Utterly Fanatical (+3 Piety, +3 Violence)

Idolater (-1 Orthodoxy)

Lizalfos Faron Druid Priest Worships Power (+1 Piety, +1 Orthodoxy)

Tempter (+1 Violence)

Labrynna Regime Professor Professor Secular (-1 Orthodoxy, -10 Eligibility to Sagehood)

Interfaith Dialogue (-1 Violence)

Fairies of Tarm Oracle Oracle Friendly (+2 Influence, -2 Personal Security)

Mystifying (+2 Charm, -2 Violence)

Order of the Wizzrobe Bishop Bishop Religiously Devoted (+1 Piety, +1 Purity)

Arcane Preacher (+1 Piety, +1 Orthodoxy, -1 Violence)

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