Yanera Zelda Nohansen II


Yanera Zelda Nohansen II


Princess of Hyrule






Princess Nylin Zelda I (mother)
Arthon (father)
Atrinas (husband)
Princess Mahrala Zelda III (daughter)


32 AG


97 AG


Royal Estoc, Goddess Bow

Music Themes

Zelda ii

Princess Yanera Zelda II

Yanera Zelda Nohansen II was the second Princess to carry the name Zelda, and reigned over the latter half of Hyrule's First Golden Age.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Yanera Zelda is a female Hylian, roughly 6 feet 2 inches tall. She displayed long light blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.


Princess Yanera is a kind hearted and merciful individual in stark contrast to her mother. This makes her rather popular amongst her people and a respected diplomat. She is very fond of hunting game with a bow and arrow and often practices in the countryside.


First Golden AgeEdit

Princess Yanera leads the Kingdom of Hyule for nearly forty years and is notable for maintaining the peace and rebuilding the land after Ganon's invasion. After freeing the Gorons causes a breakdown of relations between the Kingdom of Hyule and the Zora Dominion, she devotes much of her time to maintaing a peace between all three people. She marries General Atrinas in 62 AG and later gives birth to Princess Mahrala Zelda III in 72 AG.

Princess Yanera in 97 AG dies of natural causes and is succeeded by her daughter Mahrala.

Hero PowerEdit

Explosive Light Arrow: Princess Zelda II fires a burning arrow of light that explodes above an enemy army.

Bodyguard Edit

Hylian Crossbowmen

Traits Edit

Kind Ruler

Has developed a reputation as a kind-hearted ruler, with the people's interests in mind.

+2 Chivalry, -2 from squalor (increases public order and population growth)

Very Loyal

This person prides themselves upon being unquestioningly loyal, looking down at those who cannot live so honorably.

+2 Chivalry, +3 Loyalty

Quite Objective

More likely to consider a perspective other than their own than not.

No Effects

Proven Commander

This person has proven themselves to be able to command men in battle very effectively.

+3 Command

Sensible Drinker

Not one to let drink ever get the better of them at all.

+1 Command

Mostly Rational

More of this person's beliefs are based on their own common sense than what others would preach to them.

+1 Authority

Ancillaries Edit

Goddess Sword

Royal weapon passed down from leader to leader of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

+1 Attack, +1 Authority, +1 Command

Goddess Bow

Unmatched bow crafted by Princess Zelda and the Sheikah.

+2 Attack, +1 Authority

Royal Tiara

Graceful tiara worn by the Princess of Hyrule.

+1 Command, +2 Authority, +1 Troop Morale

Queen's Gown

Lush velvet outfit once worn by the Queens of Hyrule.

+1 Defense, +3 Authority


Preceded by:
Princess Nylin Zelda I
Princess of Hyrule
53 AG - 97 AG
Succeeded by:
Princess Mahrala Zelda III

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