Dark Interlopers
Hyrule Historia
Mission #13
There Once was a Great Fairy

Prison Break is the thirteenth Hyrule Historia mission and the first one in the Realm of Twilight arc. After the death of his father King Mizorant, the young Prince Zant is denied the throne he was promised by the Great Fairies who named his fiancée Midna the Queen instead. His heart filled with envy and a sense of entitlement, Prince Zant begins to build up his forces in secret to usurp the throne from Midna. For his first plan of action Zant will break into the prison fortress of Valran with the hopes of building a prisoner army and recruiting the aid of a famous warrior monk who was once close to Midna.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 13 Playthrough17:44

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 13 Playthrough


  • Midna: Ganon was slain and the Dark Interlopers banished. The Hylians were victorious.
  • Midna: Hyrule ushered in a golden age of peace, led by the slayer of Ganon herself: the first in a long line of Princess Zeldas.
  • Midna: Steps were taken to secure the Triforce and the threat of war faded in time.

In the Realm of Twilight.

  • Midna: Those banished through the Mirror however, awoke on a world that came to be known as the Realm of Twilight.
  • Midna: Many struggled to survive and most died soon after their arrival.
  • Midna: Those that lived became stronger.

Onox saves Veran in the wilderness.

  • Midna: For thousands of years great cities were built, and the land changed the people.
  • Midna: They called themselves Twili.
  • Midna: The Twili lived in peace generation after generation, ruled by powerful Kings that had taken the throne.
  • Midna: When a new King was throned, the Great Fairies would return to make them their puppet.
  • Midna: One King by the name of Mizorant rejected the command, casting them from his palace.
  • Midna: He had made powerful allies and in his arrogance thought he would free the Twili as a puppet state.
  • Midna: The Great Fairies in return disbanded the King’s armies against his will.
  • Midna: They would put a swift end to King Mizorant for his refusal of their lordship.
  • Midna: With the King dead, his only son, Prince Zant, was supposed to take the throne.
  • Midna: Unfortunately for Zant the Great Fairies had other plans…
  • Midna: The Great Fairies crowned me Queen of the Twili instead.
  • Midna: Zant’s love for me was soon replaced by envy and entitlement for being denied what his father promised him.
  • Midna: In secret Zant built up forces of his own pets
  • Midna: Shadow Bloats that he had raised since he was a child.
  • Midna: He gathered his father’s personal guards who had yet to be disbanded.
  • Midna: He consulted his father’s secret associates, who would use Zant to continue their plans.
  • Midna: A few hundred guards and a nest of insects would not be enough to usurp the throne however.
  • Midna: He would need an army, and he would break into the Prison of Valran to secure it.
  • Midna: If Zant could secure the central chamber he could unleash hundreds of criminals who would aid in his invasion.
  • Midna: Despite such a victory, his true prize would be a special individual.
  • Midna: One who I had also abandoned like Zant…


Team 1 Team 2
Twi Mizorant1
Forces of Twilight
Twi bonemold
Forces of Twilight


Zant finds Middee chained in a dark cell.

  • Zant: Are you the leader of the Bonemold Monks?
  • Lady Middee: That depends.
  • Zant: I am here to recruit Lady Middee and her Monks into my army.
  • Zant: I heard that Midna betrayed her to the wardens of Valran.
  • Lady Middee: I would prefer you pronounce my name Middy.
  • Zant: We’ll deal with each other’s accents in time.
  • Lady Middee: What would I receive for joining your forces?
  • Zant: For one you would not be hanging there in chains for the rest of your days.
  • Lady Middee: I could deal with the chains if I wanted.
  • Zant: Well… in addition to your revenge on Midna betraying you?
  • Zant: I’ll grant everything west of Valran to you and your Monks.
  • Lady Middee: Deal.
  • Zant: Wonderful. I’ll find someone to get you down…

Middee breaks the chains by herself without Zant's help.

  • Zant: Most wonderful…

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