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A Twili city, with a Shadow Kargarok in the foreground

The planet called the Realm of Twilight is one of the main settings of Hyrule: Total War and its expansions, the other ones being the planet Hyrule, another planet in the cosmos, and Termina, a dark reflection of Hyrule created by Majora.


Prehistory Edit

Long before Hyrule existed, the Realm of Twilight was covered completely covered by liquid water and teeming with life such as the aquatic Dark Dragons. During this period, it was visited by Bellum and the Parella, who left behind a Mirror of Twilight that led to Hyrule. A group of Blins eventually stumbled into it, and, unable to return to Hyrule, adapted to their new home and became the Shadow Blins.

Over time, climate change drained the planet's seas and killed off most of the world's life, leaving the survivors to struggle to survive on the desertified seabed. Some water was preserved as ice in former oceanic trenches such as the Nether Rifts. With much of the Realm of Twilight's native flora and fauna extinct, incursion by alien species such as the Parella and those from Hyrule led to new generations of life.

Rise of GanonEdit

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The Fairies, Gerudo and Sheikah arrive in the Twilight Realm

Following the battle at Hylia Marine in 0 AG (Hyrule time), which sees the final defeat of Bongo's Dark Interlopers and the Gerudo and Fairies who have come to seek the Triforce, the Hylian Princess Nylin Zelda I give the prisoners of war to the Gerudo Circle of Warlords. These Warlords then banish these prisoners into the Mirror of Twilight, a mysterious portal in the Arbiter's Grounds, which they thought was the entrance to a void of no return.

Unbeknownst to the Warlords, the Mirror actually lead to the Realm of Twilight. After their arrival the prisoners struggle to survive in the harsh wasteland, and many of them die shortly after their arrival. However those that survived form a new civilization, and after thousands of years these criminals eventually evolve into the Twili.

For hundreds of years the Twili radiate into many cultural groups throughout the Realm of Twilight, pushing the aborigines and Shadow Blins to the wild and frozen far east, where they gather under the Dark Dragons.


True to its name, the Realm of Twilight is in a state of perpetual twilight, thought the planet does have a day/night cycle. Most of the land is black, bleak and barren, with far and few settlements.

Climates Edit

Most of the Realm of Twilight is a black wasteland hostile to living creatures, except for certain that have been specifically adapted to survive in the desert. The far east is an ocean covered completely in sea ice known as the Nether Rifts, home to the Tribes of the Nether Rifts. Further east is a cold, haunted land, infested with four-dimensional geometric monstrosities.

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Onox a native Dragon

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Beings originally native to worlds or who immigrated from worlds beyond the Realm of Twilight.

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