Rebels are the generic term used to refer to all units, settlements and agents without an owner.

Features Edit

In the game, the Rebels are considered to be a faction, though they differ from standard factions in various ways: Rebels do not recruit units, build structures or attempt to expand over other factions. They cannot enter diplomatic relations, and are permanently at war with all other factions.

When a settlement has low public order, usually lower than 70%, rebellion will occur. When a settlement rebels, its garrison will be forcibly ousted and replaced with a rebel army.

There are also various brigands that represent thieves, robbers and other disruptive influences in a province. They will appear inside territories and regions under control of other factions. They must be repelled fast because they have several damaging effects on your economy:

  • Stimulating the destruction of roads, villages, farmland and everything around them, which harms your economy.
  • When brigands are near or on your roads, it will reduce the trade income for that settlement.
  • If a rebel army moves onto one of your watchtowers, it will remove the sight bonus that you receive from that watchtower.

Additionally, various roving packs of Wild Animals will also appear in territories under control of other factions. These packs act much as brigands, with the additional threat of appearing near a settlement if public health grow too low.

Boss Monsters can spawn at set locations and will wander the surrounding region- these units are functionally identical to rebel generals but represent a severe threat to nearby armies or settlements.

Rebel Factions Edit

The "Rebels" Faction is divided into numerous subfactions -these factions are largely aesthetic but also determine what rebel units will spawn in a region.

Name Units Settlements
Rogue Hylian Soldiers Same as Kingdom of Hyrule
Gerudo Extremists Same as Gerudo
Goron Separatists Same as Gorons
Cultists of Malkorbagia Same as Zora Dominion
Wild Gohma Same as Gohma
Ordonian Peasant Revolt Same as Ordona Province
Zora Uprising Same as Lanayru Province
Moblin Angry Mobs Same as Moblins
Dishonored Pact Same as Darknut Legion
Tokay Insurrection
Rogue Fairies Same as Fairies of Tarm
Mad Scrubs Same as The Deku Tribes
Lizalfos Poachers Same as Lizalfos
Twili Remnants Same as Forces of Twilight
Zola Cannibals Same as River Zora
Dark Interlopers Same as Sheikah Cadre
Wizzrobe Rebels Same as Order of the Wizzrobe
Majora Spawn Same as Church of Majora
Zuna Merchant Union Same as Zuna
Horonian Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Horonians
Subrosian Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Subrosians
Huskus Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Huskus Remnants
Tokay Rebels Same as Tokay
Storm Zora Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Storm Zora
Rolling Ridge Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Gorons of Rolling Ridge
Poe Rebels (Name TBA) Same as Haunts
Keaton Cartel Same as Keaton Cartel
Lon Lon Ranch Same as Lon Lon
Gerudo Pirates Same as Gerudo Pirates
Minish Rebels Same as Picori
Kikwi Same as Kikwi
Skull Kids Same as Skull Kids
Carpenter's Guild Same as Carpenter's Guild
Horonian Witches Same as Witches Coven
Ancient Robots Same as Ancient Robots
Dodongo Warbands
Arach Nests
  • Random spawns
Keese Brood
Skulltula Infestation
Wild Animals
  • Random spawns
Boss monsters

Spawn Areas Edit


These settlements begin the game without an owner and are treated as rebel settlements.

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