This is a list of all regions that appear in the Freeform Campaign of Hyrule: Total War. The map of Hyrule: Total War extends to Greshou Library and the southern end of the Eragou Mountain Range to the north, the eastern end of the Land of Famine to the west, the southern Stormwracked Islands to the south, and the Rolling Ridge to the east.

Hyrule FieldEdit

Gerudo DesertEdit

Death Mountain RangeEdit

Dominion ValleyEdit

Kokiri ForestEdit

Misery MireEdit

Plains of OrdonaEdit

Coast of AiruEdit

Crucible of HyliaEdit

Gerudo CliffsEdit

Faron WoodsEdit



Ikana CanyonsEdit

Samasa DesertEdit

Crescent IslandEdit

Ikana BasinEdit

Realm of TwilightEdit

See alsoEdit

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