The Repeater Crossbow is a ballista used by the Kingdom of Hyrule and New Hyrule.


These ingenious contraptions could be loaded with a magazine of large crossbow bolts and then fired in rapid succession at enemy formations. Their bolts were launched with such force that they could impale almost a dozen men at a time and pierce all but the strongest of gates.


  • Suppressive Fire Siege Weapon

Repeater Crossbows could wipe out entire rows of enemy soldiers with a hail of bolt fire, making them a terrifying weapon to soften up enemy ranks and destroy their morale. They could launch their weapon with enough force to damage buildings, but could not penetrate more than wooden gates or walls.


Name Description
Rapid Fire Can fire additional attacks before reloading
Easily Trained Trained faster
Armor Piercing Attack ignores heavy armour


  • Building: Siege Workshop
  • Time: 5 Turns
  • Cost: 500
  • Upkeep: 175