Ganon opens the chamber holding the Triforce.

The Rise of Ganon is the second era of Hyrule Historia and describes Ganon's rise to power, the founding of the Zelda dynasty and the origin of the Twili.

This era also signals the end of the Ancient Age.

Mission 1-Ganon's GambitEdit

Ganon's mother is murdered by invading Hylians, pushing him over the brink and leading him to vow revenge. With the help of Demise, Ganon spends his lifetime uniting the various Blin tribes to take on the Kingdom of Hyrule. Now in command of a substantial army, King Ganon sets out to capture Princess Zelda and secure the Triforce.

Mission 2-Unearthing ShadowsEdit

With Princess Zelda captured, Ganon is unsure he can reveal the location of the Triforce from her. A traitorous Sheikah calling herself Bongo offers to aid Ganon in exchange for helping her uncover a relic hidden in the Sheikah prison known as the Shadow Temple. They'll soon discover the Shadow Temple is overrun by more than just criminals.

Mission 3-Power PlayEdit

Princess Zelda has unwillingly given Ganon the location of the Triforce: under the King's Throne in Hyrule Castle. To siege the massive bastion Ganon will need to obtain allies: the Gerudo and Darknut Legion. Ganon will have to curse the Gerudo people and participate in an all out slugfest of a false god's tournament in order to win the soldiers he needs to take on the crown of Hyrule.

Mission 4-Triumph of the MoblinEdit

Ganon will now lead an all out assault on Hyrule Castle with the combined Moblin, Darknut, and traitorous Sheikah forces. It's Ganon versus King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule in this epic battle for the Triforce and Demise's vengeance.

Mission 5-Royal RetreatEdit

The King of Hyrule had the Triforce relocated after his daughter was captured, though Bongo learned of its location at Spectacle Rock. With Ganon away taking over Death Mountain, Princess Zelda must escape a burning Hyrule Castle Town with the help of Impa to lead a counterattack against the Moblin invaders.

Mission 6-On Thin IceEdit

Princess Zelda has fled to the fortress of Snowpeak in hopes of regrouping the Hylian forces for a counterattack against Ganon. Unfortunately, she's followed by one of Ganon's armies. Princess Zelda must defend the fortress of Snowpeak until the remnants of the Hylian army arrive.

Mission 7-Ganon's WishEdit

Ganon has formed an alliance with the Sage Dakkon, and is attempting to extract the Triforce from its cradle at Spectacle Rock. As Princess Zelda, lead a combined assault against Ganon's new Fortress with an army of Hylians, Sheikah and Gorons. Will Ganon's Wish finally be revealed?

Mission 8-Dark InterlopersEdit

With Ganon dead and Princess Zelda on the other side of Hyrule, the traitorous Sheikah have an uncontested path to the Triforce. Soon Gerudo from the west and mysterious Fairies from the east invade in search of the holy relic. Princess Zelda must make an unexpected alliance to reach the Triforce in time and stop all three armies from bringing ruin to Hyrule.

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