Triumph of the Moblin
Hyrule Historia
Mission #9
On Thin Ice

Royal Retreat is the ninth Hyrule Historia mission and the fifth one in the Rise of Ganon arc. The King of Hyrule had the Triforce relocated after his daughter was captured, though the traitorous Sheikah called Bongo learned of its location at Spectacle Rock. With Ganon away taking over Death Mountain, Princess Zelda must escape a burning Hyrule Castle Town with the help of Impa to lead a counterattack against the Moblin invaders.

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 09 Playthrough15:46

Hyrule- Total War - Mission 09 Playthrough


Zelda is brought to the throne room when King Nohansen lies dying.

  • Ganon (speaks to his henchmen): I’ll leave you to burn the city to the ground.
  • Ganon: Kill the Princess after the King takes his final breath. (leaves the room)
  • King Nohansen (speaks to Zelda): Is that you Nylin?
  • Princess Zelda: Yes father, I’m here.
  • King Nohansen: Avenge me, my daughter. Avenge the Prince…
  • King Nohansen: I… love…… (dies)

As a Moblin prepares to execute Zelda, Impa kills him, gives a sword to Zelda and kills the rest of the Moblins. At night, Zalunbar speaks to Ganon.

  • Zalunbar: We are falling back to the Gerudo Desert, Ganon.
  • Ganon: Why?
  • Zalunbar: I have upheld your wish. Hyrule Castle has fallen.
  • Ganon: Fine then! Leave me you coward! (leaves)
  • Zalunbar (speaks to Vaati): Why are we leaving? Why not help him take Death Mountain and steal the Triforce for ourselves?
  • Vaati: Think carefully. Three Druthulidi, all of us after the Triforce. It stinks of a trap.
  • Vaati: Someone wants the other two and I dead.
  • Zalunbar: Who?
  • Vaati: Either another Druthulidi, or someone with enough power to manipulate events on this scale.
  • Vaati: In either case I can guarantee either Demise or Dethl will be dead soon, and neither will have the Triforce.
  • Vaati: We will let them play out their little drama.
  • Vaati: The Triforce will be safe with the Hylians soon enough.
  • Vaati: We will make the proper preparations and be patient about this.
  • Vaati: We will return for the Triforce, Zalunbar.

Zelda and Impa are leaving Hyrule Castle.

  • Impa: I and my cadre came to Hyrule Castle as soon as we could.
  • Princess Zelda: It would seem you were too late for a great many things, Impa. (looks through a hole and sees Hyrule Castle Town in flames)
  • Princess Zelda: Come, we’ll need to sneak out of the city.


Team 1 Team 2
The Sheikah Cadre
Kingdom of Hyrule
Kingdom of Hyrule


  • Princess Zelda: We will regroup in Kakariko and follow Ganon from there.
  • Impa: Kakariko fell to the Moblins weeks ago, my lady.
  • Impa: Many loyal Sheikah fled to the fortress of Snowpeak. I can assume command of them when we arrive.
  • Princess Zelda: Snowpeak is the opposite direction of Death Mountain.
  • Impa: We have no choice.

Meanwhile, Ganon is returning to his headquarters.

  • Ogalon: King Ganon!
  • Ganon: Not now.
  • Ogalon: I read from your book!
  • Ogalon: Your plans… are not what I expected.
  • Ganon: What will you do then?

Ogalon cries.

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