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The Sacred Forest Meadow is a Kokiri holy site, located in the Lost Woods north of the Deku Tree's Grove in the Kokiri Forest. It houses the Forest Temple.


Constructed by the Hylians during Gustaf's reign, near the same time as their other iconic Temples, the Sacred Forest Meadow houses the Forest Temple and was devoted to the Forest Sage Palagard. When Hylian bandits annexed the Temple as their own castle the Kingdom of Hyrule abandoned the Grove because of its remote location. With the Bandits now gone and their children the predecessors to the Kokiri, the Forest Temple remained abandoned for several generations before it was adopted by the Great Deku Tree again.


The Sacred Forest Meadow can be attacked on all sides, though the plaza can only be reached from the north and south. Players must pick to attack from the south via the Lost Woods, or to head in north through the Forest Temple. Attacking from the East and West will land armies in the Lost Woods. By attacking from the south, armies will have to navigate a maze of forest to reach the plaza. With the exception of log tunnels there is a decent amount of room to manoeuvre armies and siege weapons. Attacking from the North is a far shorter route, but armies will be forced to march almost single file through the hallways of the Forest Temple. With the superior numbers the Kokiri have, invaders could be slowly outlasted when fighting in the temple.

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