Tetralyna Zelda dreaming of the Sacred Realm.

The Sacred Realm is a plane of existence separate from Hyrule and accessible through gateways such as in the Temple of Time.

History Edit

Prehistory Edit

The Sacred Realm has served as the sanctuary of the Triforce since its creation, until Sulkaris attempted to steal in and was cast out of the Realm. After the Purge of Hyrule, the first Sage of Light, Solahrasin, returned to the Sacred Realm and created his own invisible dimension known as the Silent Realm. The Triforce, taken out of the Sacred Realm and placed within Hyrule, was entrusted to the Wind Tribe, favorite children of the Goddesses.

Ancient Age Edit

In 4992 BG, as the Wind Tribe fell to a crusade of the Darknut Legion, they entrusted the Triforce to their Ancient Hylian allies. The Hylians would serve as the caretakers of the sacred power for nearly 5000 years.

When the Wind Tribe ascended to the Heavens and evolved into the Oocca, they learned how to access the Sacred Realm.

First Golden Age Edit

After the Rise of Ganon nearly left the Triforce in the hands of a Moblin King and a traitorous Sheikah, Rauru convinces Mediator Ooccoo that keeping the Triforce in Hyrule is too dangerous and that it should be returned to the Sacred Realm as it was in ancient times. Claiming that keeping the Triforce locked away from the world would lead to a decline, Rauru proposes to create a portal that could be opened to the Sacred Realm in times of need and suggests converting the Temple of Time into such a door. The Oocca agree and work with Rauru in secret to transform the Temple of Time into a portal to the Sacred Realm. Once completed, Rauru and the Oocca create the Temple of Light inside the Sacred Realm and bring the Triforce to rest there, ensuring the golden power was seemingly forever out of the reach of power-hungry mortals.

Gerudo Wars Edit

After Hyrule Prime falls to Ganondorf's armies in 100 AG, Rauru's safety precautions concerning the Triforce prove their worth. Agahnim and Vaati attempt to breach the seals on the Temple of Time and enter the Sacred Realm to obtain the Triforce, but are unsuccessful.

Geography Edit

The Sacred Realm is an alien dimension compared to the physical laws of Hyrule- it appears as a vast nebula of colorful stars and gasses in fluidic motion, with columns of Spirits flowing like blood vessels in a living being.

Native Species Edit