All Sages of Hyrule since its beginning.

are positions of power bestowed upon certain individuals in Hyrule who are tasked with defending the Triforce.


Sages are powerful beings that are granted control over certain aspects of nature. Because of their great power they are often put into positions of power and in some cases even worshipped as deities. The single purpose of the Sages is to assure the safekeeping of the Triforce and to assure that is is kept out of the hands of mortals and not abused. Most Sages are often associated with a certain gemstone, though this is not always the case. This was likely an attribute applied to them later on by worshippers and followers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The abilities of Sages varies widely, though all of them are generally able to control or manipulate some aspect of nature. Sages' ageing is also completely halted, allowing them to live for centuries in order to accomplish their goals. Once another Sage is named to replace them, incumbent Sages would slowly lose their powers over a period of time and begin to age normally. The only exceptions to this are the First Sages, who were created naturally immortal and have yet to lose any potency to their supernatural abilities. The scope of these abilities, however, does seem to be greatly reduced when a First Sage loses their title, such as in the case of Sulkaris. The powers of Sages seem to be directly linked to Sage Medallions that they carry with them. It is unknown if the Medallions are required to be in their presence in order for their powers to operate.

Sages of HyruleEdit

There have been twenty-five Sages to have existed in Hyrule, with one being awakened and living in the Realm of Twilight.

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