Sand Snipers are long-ranged, lightly-armoured Gerudo archers.

Description Edit

The Gerudo Sand Snipers represent some of the best archers in all the desert. Trained from a very young age in the art of the bow, Sand Snipers are infamous for their ability to hit their targets dead-on from extremely long ranges. There are few individuals in Hyrule who could best them from a distance. Sand Snipers were also trained in the art of dune-hiding: covering themselves in sand to blend into the land.


  • Light Harassment Archer

The extremely long range these women could fire from and hit their target made them terrifying at harassing enemy formations. They could more than easily pelt a target with a barrage of arrows and fall back to a further distance to launch another assault.

Attributes Edit

Name Description
Stealth Can hide anywhere
Long Range Double the range of other archers
Hardy Tires more slowly regardless of environmental and combat conditions