Shadow Temple

The Shadow Temple is a temple located under the churchyard in the village of Kakariko, and also serves as a battle map in Hyrule: Total War.


Built by the ancient Sheikah in the graveyard of Kakariko, the Shadow Temple initially served as a grounds to study weapons and arts considered blasphemous by the Goddesses. Eventually the twisted creations took over the Temple and it became a prison for Sheikah criminals. Currently it remains empty and buried from access.



The Shadow Temple appears as a building in the Settlement of Kakariko in the Freeform Campaign.

The Shadow Temple is the setting of the sixth Hyrule Historia mission, where Ganon and Ogalon descend into it to seek something for the renegade Sheikah Bongo. They find out that the temple is infested by the Stalfos ReDeads, which had been created by Dethl, a demonic creature not unlike Majora and Demise.

In terms of gameplay, the Shadow Temple is rather linear. There's only one single, but fairly long and winding path, leading from the entrance to the bottom of the temple where Dethl resides.